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With regards to gems, you can't turn out badly with pretty arm bands. What makes arm bands so much fun is that they can be appreciated in a totally unexpected manner in comparison to pieces of jewelry—all things considered, you can see them while you're wearing them! Ideal for layering and stacking, arm bands have been worn by ladies and men all through the ages.
The word wristband gets from the Greek word "brachile," which signifies "of the arm." Early arm bands were made of grasses, thin tree appendages, and shells, just as copper and bronze.There is proof that individuals in old Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China wore wristbands. Wristbands turned out to be more complicated and enlivening after the Bronze Age, when adornments was an image of status and riches. Wristbands were made of gold and silver, and embellished with stones and shells.
During the Victorian Era, fascinate wristbands with engraved charms and hanging mementos were unimaginably famous. In the nineteenth century, arm band chains got up-to-date, and they connected appearances and emblems embellished with ivory and coral. Design adornments became mass-created and more moderate in the twentieth century.
See more: Bracelets in feminine & modern styles in silver, rose gold & gold refine your wrist
Today, wristbands are made from a wide assortment of materials, (for example, metal, fabric, plastic, and cowhide) and are commonly adorned with gemstones, gems, metal, and pearls. They are intended to fit all ways of life and sexual orientations. With so numerous delightful wristbands to look over, how would you locate the correct arm band style for your character and way of life?
There are numerous interesting points when you're looking for the correct wristband style, including the exercises you'll be occupied with, where you're going, and what you'll be wearing. It's a smart thought to have a wide assortment of wristband styles in your gems closet so you'll be prepared for any event.
In this article, we'll assist you with finding the ideal arm bands and give a few hints on the most proficient method to wear them for quite a long time to come.
Arm band Style Guide
A bangle arm band style is round fit as a fiddle and resolute. Ordinarily made in gold or another sort of metal, bangles for the most part have a basic or engraved plan. Bangle arm bands with gemstone or precious stone embellishments can offer an exquisite expression. They look incredible worn alone, or stacked with various bangles.
Bangle wristbands can be pivoted or slip-on style. A slip-on bangle is bigger and as a rule round, and not as fitted as pivoted bangles. Pivoted bangles will in general be more oval-formed and fit the wrist all the more intently. Slip-on bangles are ordinarily more easygoing in style and are produced using more affordable materials. Pivoted bangles frequently have a security catch notwithstanding the fundamental fasten.
Beaded arm bands are expandable and stretchable, and are masterminded in a solitary or multi-line plan. They can likewise include gemstones in a scope of hues, and look incredible when layered on the two arms.
Chain and connection
Chain-and-connection wristbands are made by interfacing joins into a band. These are regularly made out of a metal, for example, gold or silver. They are adaptable and can extend from exceptionally petite chains to thick styles. Chain-and-connection wristbands are accessible in a wide range of valuable metals, and are ideal for layering.
Handcrafted arm bands can run from hand-fashioned silver or gold, to flawlessly planned dots hung in pretty mixes. Wristbands that are high quality are commonly special, exceptional pieces that express creativity. A diamond setter spend significant time in custom gems can work with you to make an ideal piece, one driven by a wistful recognition, (for example, making a wristband utilizing a pearl from a friend or family member's wedding band, in an interesting, rose-gold setting), or a strong design explanation that looks precisely the manner in which you need it to.
Appeal wristbands are connect arm bands that have little knickknacks or charms hanging from a chain or connection. You can have only one appeal, or handfuls! Each appeal may speak to various individuals, places, or nostalgic items.
Sleeve wristbands are a sort of bangle arm band and are an unyielding round or oval shape. These will in general fit looser and are wide and stout, with no fasten or conclusion. Men's alternatives in a sleeve wristband style can likewise be regularly found. Sleeve arm bands are open on the back or front; there's no catch. Attempt a couple of styles and sizes to get the right fit for you.
Tennis wristbands are known for their straight, sensitive chain plan with separately set gemstones. Additionally called line wristbands, tennis arm bands are regularly made with jewels, however their connections may likewise be planned with different gemstones. Similarly as with all wristbands, length and fit is significant for comfort just as wellbeing. An arm band that is too huge can get lost, or catch on something and get harmed.
Arm wristbands, otherwise called armlets, are a band or arm band worn around the upper aspect of an individual's arm. They are typically produced using material or metal and highlight valuable diamonds. Worn since antiquated occasions, arm bands are amazingly up-to-date and popular.
Vintage arm bands have an appeal about them that individuals love. Subtleties from wellbeing chains to proclamation catches are extremely many-sided and hard to duplicate, making a vintage wristband an extraordinary and exceptional embellishment. Today, numerous ladies want to have a security catch as opposed to a hanging chain. Nonetheless, the chain can include vintage character.
Men wear alluring wristbands, as well. Men's arm bands can be connect, bangle styles, or sleeves. Manly materials to cause attractive wristbands to incorporate steel or titanium, cowhide, neoprene, or wood.
Tips for Wearing Your Favorite Bracelets
Ensure you affix the fasten appropriately. On the off chance that the fasten appears to be feeble or opens without anyone else, carry the wristband to your diamond setter for a speedy change or fix.
On the off chance that you experience issues attaching fastens (the same number of us do!), have your gem specialist supplant the catch with an attractive one. It will be more grounded and simple to utilize, and this will empower you to keep on wearing your preferred piece for quite a long time to come.
In case you're staying aware of style, you should have various arm bands for layering this year. While layering wristbands, keep the scale like abstain from tangling or overpowering a sensitive arm band with a stout, hefty one. in the event that the arm band is fragile or extremely valuable, don't layer it—let it remain all alone.
Try not to be reluctant to blend silver and gold, or different metals. Don't hesitate to layer a gold wristband with a silver one, or a bronze arm band with a steel one.
Keep in mind, there are no firm guidelines with regards to wearing arm bands. Also, the more, the better! Plante Jewelers offers a diverse assortment of arm bands at our adornments store. Locate the most ideal alternative for you or a friend or family member. Visit our adornments store in Swansea to look at our assortments.
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2020.09.22 05:23 unidentifiable_head Help: Cheyenne "Crash" Maree Crocker

Hello people of Swansea, I am writing from New Zealand and I need your help.
My ex partner (from way back) moved from New Zealand to Swansea in 2015. Her name was Cheyenne Maree Crocker, but also went by the name "Crash", and she moved to Swansea to be with her new partner who she met online. Unfortunately, in 2016, Crash died.
I didn't find out until 2019 that this had happened, as she was a very "off the grid" type of person, no social media etc, and I only stumbled across the information after searching her name on Google, which I have done numerous times over the years. She had a really rough life and got into trouble a lot, and I always wondered where she was and if she was okay. This is the article:
Even though we dated many years ago, she had a profound impact on my life. When I found out of her passing, I was devastated. She was trying so hard to get her life together and I thought moving to Wales might just be the big change and upshift she needed. I also felt a huge amount of grief for her partner who found her after she had passed.
After finding out this news, I immediately wanted to contact her partner. Unless you have dated Crash, you couldn't even begin to understand how messed up she was. It wasn't her fault, though. I really hoped that her partner didn't blame themselves for what happened, and that unfortunately, this outcome was inevitable. I don't know if they would be okay with being contacted by me, so I'm putting this out there on the off chance they might see the title of my post and want to talk to me.
Basically what I am asking for is any information regarding where Crash is now. Is she buried/cremated in Wales? Was she flown back here to New Zealand? I thought I had healed and got closure from this situation but I am thinking about her all the time and she appears in my dreams frequently, I just need to know where she is. More than anything, I wish I could visit her at her resting place, where ever that may be.
If anyone has any information, or any idea who I can contact for information on this kind of thing, it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you for reading :)
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(REQ) (£30) (swansea, wales, UK) (repay 40) (25th September) (PayPal or bank transfer)
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[REQ] (£120) (#swansea, UK) (repay £145 on the 28th September, maybe earlier) (E-transfer)
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[REQ] (£120) (swansea, wales, UK) (repay £145 on the 28th September, maybe earlier) (E-transfer)
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Possible Release date for GTA 5 on ps4
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2020.09.19 17:53 jimmithy Post-Match Thread: Swansea City 0 - 0 Birmingham City

Swansea City 0 - 0 Birmingham City

Date: 19th September 2020 at 3pm


Woodman; Cabango, Rodon, Guehi; Roberts, Grimes, Smith, Gibbs-White, Bidwell; Lowe, Ayew.
Subs: Fulton, Benda, Routledge, Peterson, Cullen, Dhanda, Naughton

Etheridge; Colin, Dean (Yellow 11'), Friend, Pederson; Sunjic, Clayton; Sanchez, Toral, Bela; Jutkiewicz.
Subs: Roberts, Crowley, Hogan, Gardner, Medina Delgado, Jeacock, Seddon
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2020.09.19 15:44 jimmithy Match-Thread: Swansea City vs Birmingham City

Swansea City 0 - 0 Birmingham City

Date: 19th September 2020 at 3pm


Woodman; Cabango, Rodon, Guehi; Roberts, Grimes, Smith, Gibbs-White, Bidwell; Lowe, Ayew.
Subs: Fulton, Benda, Routledge, Peterson, Cullen, Dhanda, Naughton

Etheridge; Colin, Dean (Yellow 11'), Friend, Pederson; Sunjic, Clayton; Sanchez, Toral, Bela; Jutkiewicz.
Subs: Roberts, Crowley, Hogan, Gardner, Medina Delgado, Jeacock, Seddon


Apologies if infrequent
45' - as the teams went in for half time, Tate seems to have grabbed Toral by the throat
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2020.09.17 15:56 HoldMyAwp Match Thread - Round 2 (18 - 20 September 2020)

Reminder to make a fantasy team! We have our own league!

League code: Championship

19:45 18 SEP Coventry vs QPR
12:30 19 SEP Nottingham Forest vs Cardiff
15:00 19 SEP Blackburn vs Wycombe Wanderers
15:00 19 SEP Brentford vs Huddersfield
15:00 19 SEP Luton vs Derby
15:00 19 SEP Middlesbrough vs Bournemouth
15:00 19 SEP Norwich vs Preston
15:00 19 SEP Reading vs Barnsley
15:00 19 SEP Rotherham vs Millwall
15:00 19 SEP Sheffield Wednesday vs Watford
15:00 19 SEP Swansea vs Birmingham
14:00 20 SEP Stoke vs Bristol City
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2020.09.12 18:17 s0ngsforthedeaf Post Match Thread - Round 1

19:45 11 SEP Watford 1-0 Middlesbrough
12:30 12 SEP Birmingham 1-0 Brentford
12:30 12 SEP Wycombe 0-1 Rotherham
15:00 12 SEP Huddersfield 0-1 Norwich
15:00 12 SEP Barnsley 0-1 Luton
15:00 12 SEP Preston 0-1 Swansea
15:00 12 SEP Millwall 0-0 Stoke
15:00 12 SEP Cardiff 0-2 Sheff Wed
15:00 12 SEP Bristol City 2-1 Coventry
15:00 12 SEP QPR 2-0 Nottm Forest
15:00 12 SEP Derby 0-2 Reading
15:00 12 SEP Bournemouth 3-2 Blackburn
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2020.09.12 15:38 jimmithy Match Thread: Preston North End vs Swansea City

Preston North End 0 - 1 Swansea City

Date: 12th September 2020 at 3pm


Ripley, Browne, Storey, Davies, Hughes, Pearson, Ledson, Bodin, Potts, Sinclair, Barkhuizen
Subs: Bauer, Harrop, Gallagher, Rafferty, Stockley, Maguire, Hudson
Woodman, Roberts, Cabango, Rodon, Guehi, Bidwell, Smith, Grimes, Gibbs-White (Goal 53'), Ayew, Lowe
Subs: Fulton, Benda, Routledge, Peterson, Cullen, Dhanda, Naughton


I'm on a wine tasting so updates may be infrequent and less readable as the match goes on
45' - Half Time! 0-0
47 - quick start to the second half, Bidwell has the ball in the back of the net after a late back post run. However it's deemed as offside. May have been Smith(?) who was offside though
53' - GOAL! pne - SWANS: Gibbs White
Final! PNE 0 - 1 Swansea City
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2020.09.11 19:40 s0ngsforthedeaf Match Thread - Round 1 (11-12 September 2020)

We are back! :)

Welcome to all the new teams to the sub!

Posting a little early so you can have a pre match chat aswell.

Reminder to make a fantasy team! We have our own league!

League code: Championship

19:45 11 SEP Watford vs Middlesbrough
12:30 12 SEP Birmingham vs Brentford
12:30 12 SEP Wycombe vs Rotherham
15:00 12 SEP Huddersfield vs Norwich
15:00 12 SEP Barnsley vs Luton
15:00 12 SEP Preston vs Swansea
15:00 12 SEP Millwall vs Stoke
15:00 12 SEP Cardiff vs Sheff Wed
15:00 12 SEP Bristol City vs Coventry
15:00 12 SEP QPR vs Nottm Forest
15:00 12 SEP Derby vs Reading
15:00 12 SEP Bournemouth vs Blackburn
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2020.09.11 09:10 _longtimelistener [OC] 20/21 is the first season since 05/06 where no PL team changed their manager during the summer

Counting only managerial changes that happen after one season ends, and before the next season begins, and for teams that are about to start the new PL season.
No changes. Dates of when each manager was appointed:

Managerial changes each summer

Listed as Club: departing manager to appointed manager - date of appointment.
05/06 No Changes. Dates of when each manager was appointed and when he left.
Notes - All data collected and sourced from Transfermarkt - You can always count on Chelsea to keep it interesting. - If you notice any mistake or missing changes, please add it in the comments. - I hope I'm correct in titling this as OC. It's just collecting the data. - I really resisted adding a cheeky Opta-style Continuity in the title, but maybe couldn't resist telling you about it.
Edit/Corrections - Wanger OUT, Wenger IN. I'm filled with shame to misspell the name of a legendary manager like Arsenal Wanger. - Graemem Souness left to work in television, replaced in the list by his more-famous brother Graeme. - People in the comments were kind to add the appointments of: Jol (11/12), Clarke (12/13), Irvine (14/15), Sánchez Flores (15/16), Mazzarri (16/17), de Boer (17/18), and Ranieri (15/16) who was 1:5000 odds to be added to this list, but still made it, making him the best summer appointment of all times.
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2020.09.06 18:40 AlexFST Football Manager 2020 best youth academies for cheap regens

After not knowing where to hunt for the best regens/newgens, I decided to make a spreadsheet to help. I figured it might be good to share!
Here's the direct download in case you want to save the spreadsheet: FM20 cheap academies.
Team Nation Training description Youth description Training facilities Youth facilities Junior coaching Youth rating Total Status Earliest newgen spawn date
SL Benfica Portugal State of the art State of the art 20 20 19 20 79 Professional 19 March
RB Salzburg Austria Superb Superb 19 19 20 20 78 Professional 3 March
Sporting CP Portugal State of the art Superb 20 19 18 19 76 Professional 19 March
Ajax Netherlands Superb Superb 18 18 18 19 73 Professional 26 March
Basel Switzerland Excellent Superb 17 19 17 20 73 Professional 9 March
Anderlecht Belgium Superb Superb 18 19 16 19 72 Professional 19 March
Club Brugge Belgium State of the art State of the art 20 20 15 17 72 Professional 19 March
AZ Netherlands Superb Superb 18 18 17 19 72 Professional 26 March
KRC Genk Belgium Excellent Superb 17 19 16 19 71 Professional 19 March
Feyenoord Netherlands Excellent Excellent 17 17 18 19 71 Professional 26 March
Jicaral - Sercoba Costa Rica State of the art State of the art 20 20 20 10 70 Professional 8 April
PSV Netherlands Superb Superb 18 19 16 17 70 Professional 26 March
Ludogorets Bulgaria Excellent Excellent 17 17 15 20 69 Professional 19 March
Colo Colo Chile Excellent Excellent 17 16 16 20 69 Professional 30 September
Pachuca Mexico Superb Superb 19 18 15 17 69 Professional 27 February
FC Porto Portugal Excellent Great 17 15 20 17 69 Professional 19 March
River Argentina Excellent Excellent 17 16 15 20 68 Professional 8 November
Standard Belgium Excellent Superb 17 18 16 17 68 Professional 19 March
FC Viitorul Romania Great Great 15 14 19 20 68 Professional 19 March
Partizan Serbia Excellent Excellent 16 16 16 20 68 Professional 5 March
Ajax CT South Africa Superb Superb 18 18 15 17 68 Professional 3 April
Vélez Argentina Excellent Superb 17 18 13 19 67 Professional 8 November
Admira Austria Excellent Superb 16 18 15 18 67 Professional 3 March
Austria Wien Austria Excellent Excellent 17 17 18 15 67 Professional 3 March
Sparta Prague Czech Republic Excellent Excellent 17 17 17 16 67 Professional 19 March
Stuttgart Germany Excellent Excellent 17 16 14 20 67 Professional 9 March
Maccabi Tel-Aviv Israel Great Excellent 15 17 17 18 67 Professional 9 March
Crvena zvezda Serbia Great Excellent 15 16 16 20 67 Professional 5 March
Pyunik Armenia Great Excellent 14 16 17 19 66 Professional -
Melbourne City Australia Superb Superb 18 18 14 16 66 Professional 14 September
Melbourne City (NPL) Australia Superb Superb 18 18 14 16 66 Semi-professional 14 September
Universidad de Chile Chile Superb Great 18 14 15 19 66 Professional 30 September
Slavia Prague Czech Republic Excellent Excellent 17 16 17 16 66 Professional 19 March
Middlesbrough England Superb Superb 18 18 14 16 66 Professional 14 March
Maccabi Haifa Israel Great Excellent 15 17 16 18 66 Professional 9 March
Rangers Scotland Excellent Great 17 15 14 20 66 Professional 14 March
Suwon South Korea Great Excellent 15 17 16 18 66 Professional 15 September
Shakhtar Ukraine Superb Superb 18 18 15 15 66 Professional 16 March
AKA St. Pölten Austria Excellent Excellent 17 17 15 16 65 Amateur 3 March
Universidad Católica Chile Excellent Excellent 16 16 15 18 65 Professional 30 September
Dinamo Croatia Great Great 14 14 17 20 65 Professional 9 March
FC Midtjylland Denmark Great Great 14 15 16 20 65 Professional 19 March
Verdy Japan - - 15 15 15 20 65 Professional 21 September
Kairat Kazakhstan Excellent Great 16 15 14 20 65 Professional 21 September
Chivas Mexico Excellent Great 16 15 14 20 65 Professional 27 February
Vålerenga Norway Great Excellent 15 16 14 20 65 Professional 5 February
Celtic Scotland Excellent Great 17 14 14 20 65 Professional 14 March
Grasshoppers Switzerland Great Great 15 15 17 18 65 Professional 9 March
Flamengo Brazil Superb Great 18 14 14 18 64 Professional 21 September
Botev Plovdiv Bulgaria Excellent Excellent 16 16 15 17 64 Professional 19 March
Carlos Sarmiento Colombia Good Excellent 13 16 17 18 64 Semi-professional 16 January
Envigado F.C. Colombia Good Excellent 12 16 18 18 64 Professional 16 January
FC Nordsjælland Denmark Great Great 14 15 17 18 64 Professional 19 March
Olympiacos Greece Great Excellent 15 16 14 19 64 Professional 9 March
PAOK Greece Great Great 14 15 15 20 64 Professional 9 March
Vitesse Netherlands Superb Excellent 18 16 15 15 64 Professional 26 March
Lech Poland Great Great 14 14 16 20 64 Professional 9 March
Hearts Scotland Excellent Excellent 16 16 14 18 64 Professional 14 March
Ulsan South Korea Great Excellent 15 16 17 16 64 Professional 15 September
Zürich Switzerland Great Great 14 15 17 18 64 Professional 9 March
ES Tunis Tunisia Excellent Great 16 15 15 18 64 Professional 8 April
Galaxy Academy United States State of the art Superb 20 18 12 14 64 Semi-professional 2 January
LA Galaxy United States State of the art Superb 20 18 12 14 64 Professional 2 January
Estudiantes (LP) Argentina State of the art Excellent 20 17 12 14 63 Professional 8 November
Sturm Graz Austria Great Excellent 15 16 17 15 63 Professional 3 March
RGUOR Belarus Good Excellent 12 17 17 17 63 Semi-professional -
CSKA-Sofia Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 15 20 63 Professional 19 March
Levski Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 15 20 63 Professional 19 March
ASEC Mimosas Côte d'Ivoire Good Great 12 15 17 19 63 Professional 8 April
Derby England Excellent Excellent 17 16 15 15 63 Professional 14 March
Breiðablik Iceland Great Great 15 15 13 20 63 Professional 14 April
Sanga Japan - - 15 14 14 20 63 Professional 21 September
ES Sahel Tunisia Great Great 15 15 15 18 63 Professional 8 April
NYCFC United States Superb Superb 19 18 12 14 63 Professional 2 January
Toronto FC Academy United States Excellent Superb 16 15 16 16 63 Semi-professional 2 January
Defensor Sporting Uruguay Adequate Great 9 15 19 20 63 Professional 17 January
Western Sydney Wanderers Australia Excellent Excellent 16 16 10 20 62 Professional 14 September
Slavia Sofia Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 15 19 62 Professional 19 March
Leeds England Superb Excellent 18 17 14 13 62 Professional 14 March
Académie JMG Mali Mali - - 15 17 15 15 62 Amateur 21 September
Atlas Mexico Excellent Great 17 14 13 18 62 Professional 27 February
Cerro Porteño Paraguary Great Excellent 15 16 14 17 62 Professional 21 September
Libertad Paraguary Excellent Great 16 15 15 16 62 Professional 21 September
Sp. Braga Portugal Excellent Excellent 16 16 16 14 62 Professional 19 March
Žilina Slovakia Great Great 14 14 15 19 62 Professional 18 March
Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine Superb Superb 18 18 12 14 62 Professional 16 March
Shakhtar Football Academy Ukraine - - 20 17 11 14 62 Semi-professional 16 March
FC Dallas United States Excellent Superb 16 16 12 18 62 Professional 2 January
NYC Academy United States - - 19 17 12 14 62 Semi-professional 2 January
SKC Academy United States Superb Superb 18 18 12 14 62 Semi-professional 2 January
Sporting Kansas City United States Superb Superb 18 18 12 14 62 Professional 2 January
Toronto FC United States Superb Superb 19 19 11 13 62 Professional 2 January
Baník Ostrava Czech Republic Great Great 14 15 16 16 61 Professional 19 March
Viktoria Plzeň Czech Republic Great Great 15 15 15 16 61 Professional 19 March
Sochaux France Great Excellent 15 16 16 14 61 Professional 9 March
Fjölnir Iceland Great Great 15 15 12 19 61 Professional 14 April
F Marinos Japan - - 16 15 12 18 61 Professional 21 September
América Mexico Excellent Great 16 15 13 17 61 Professional 27 February
Pumas Mexico Excellent Great 16 15 13 17 61 Professional 27 February
sc Heerenveen Netherlands Great Great 15 14 16 16 61 Professional 26 March
Rosenborg Norway Great Great 14 14 13 20 61 Professional 5 February
Stabæk Norway Good Excellent 13 16 15 17 61 Professional 5 February
SMS Łódź Poland Great Great 14 15 15 17 61 Amateur 9 March
Spartak Moscow Russia Great Excellent 15 17 12 17 61 Professional 23 February
FC Dallas Academy United States Excellent Superb 17 17 11 16 61 Semi-professional 2 January
Nacional Uruguay Average Great 10 14 17 20 61 Professional 17 January
AA Gent Belgium Excellent Excellent 17 16 13 14 60 Professional 19 March
Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina Great Excellent 15 16 14 15 60 Professional 8 April
Atlético Mineiro Brazil Superb Great 18 15 11 16 60 Professional 21 September
Septemvri Sofia Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 15 17 60 Professional 19 March
Gamba Japan - - 14 14 13 19 60 Professional 21 September
Urawa Reds Japan - - 16 14 12 18 60 Professional 21 September
Bodø/Glimt Norway Great Great 14 15 15 16 60 Professional 5 February
Zagłębie Lubin Poland Good Great 12 15 15 18 60 Professional 9 March
Hibernian Scotland Great Great 15 15 15 15 60 Professional 14 March
Maribor Slovenia Great Great 14 14 13 19 60 Professional 19 March
SuperSport Utd South Africa Excellent Great 17 15 15 13 60 Professional 3 April
Lausanne Switzerland Great Great 15 15 14 16 60 Professional 9 March
Dnipro Ukraine Great Excellent 14 17 16 13 60 Professional 16 March
Real Salt Lake United States Excellent Excellent 17 17 12 14 60 Professional 2 January
Zulte Waregem Belgium Great Great 15 15 14 15 59 Professional 19 March
West Brom England Great Great 15 15 14 15 59 Professional 14 March
Auxerre France Excellent Excellent 16 16 13 14 59 Professional 9 March
Grampus Japan - - 15 14 12 18 59 Professional 21 September
Vit. Guimarães Portugal Excellent Great 16 14 16 13 59 Professional 19 March
Krasnodar Russia Excellent State of the art 17 20 12 10 59 Professional 23 February
BK Häcken Sweden Excellent Great 16 15 14 14 59 Professional 3 September
Dnipro Football Academy Ukraine - - 16 15 15 13 59 Semi-professional 16 March
Lanús Argentina Excellent Great 16 15 12 15 58 Professional 8 November
Central Coast Mariners Australia Great Great 14 14 14 16 58 Professional 14 September
AKA Burgenland Austria Great Great 14 14 14 16 58 Amateur 3 March
AKA HIB Liebenau Austria Great Great 14 14 16 14 58 Amateur 3 March
AKA Vorarlberg Austria Excellent Excellent 16 16 13 13 58 Amateur 3 March
Rijeka Croatia Great Great 15 14 13 16 58 Professional 9 March
Esbjerg fB Denmark Great Great 14 14 15 15 58 Professional 19 March
El Nacional Ecuador Good Great 12 14 15 17 58 Professional 21 September
Sunderland England Superb Excellent 18 17 11 12 58 Professional 14 March
HK Iceland Great Great 14 15 12 17 58 Professional 14 April
Molde Norway Great Great 14 14 14 16 58 Professional 5 February
Jagiellonia Poland Great Great 14 14 12 18 58 Professional 9 March
Belenenses Portugal Great Great 15 14 14 15 58 Amateur 19 March
Vojvodina Serbia Great Great 14 14 14 16 58 Professional 5 March
IFK Norrköping Sweden Great Great 15 14 14 15 58 Professional 3 September
Servette FC Switzerland Average Excellent 10 16 16 16 58 Professional 9 March
D.C. United United States Great Excellent 15 17 12 14 58 Professional 2 January
DCU Academy United States Great Excellent 15 17 12 14 58 Professional 2 January
RSL Academy United States - - 15 17 12 14 58 Semi-professional 2 January
Newell's Argentina Great Great 14 14 13 16 57 Professional 8 November
Mouscron Belgium Great Great 14 15 14 14 57 Professional 19 March
Beroe Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 14 15 57 Professional 19 March
Saprissa Costa Rica Great Great 15 14 14 14 57 Professional 8 April
Birmingham England Great Great 14 14 15 14 57 Professional 14 March
Blackburn England Excellent Great 16 15 13 13 57 Professional 14 March
Swansea England Great Great 14 14 12 17 57 Professional 14 March
Caen France Great Great 14 15 15 13 57 Professional 9 March
Marathón Honduras Average Great 11 15 18 13 57 Professional 8 April
Antlers Japan - - 15 14 10 18 57 Professional 21 September
Sheriff Tiraspol Moldova Excellent Great 17 14 12 14 57 Professional 21 September
Académie Mohammed VI Morocco - - 12 15 14 16 57 Amateur 8 April
FC Groningen Netherlands Great Great 14 14 15 14 57 Professional 26 March
FC Utrecht Netherlands Great Great 14 15 14 14 57 Professional 26 March
Olimpia Paraguary Good Great 13 15 14 15 57 Professional 21 September
Kaizer Chiefs South Africa Excellent Great 17 15 12 13 57 Professional 3 April
Kalmar FF Sweden Great Great 14 14 14 15 57 Professional 3 September
NY Red Bulls United States Great Excellent 14 16 13 14 57 Professional 2 January
Charleroi Belgium Great Great 14 14 14 14 56 Professional 19 March
O'Higgins Chile Great Great 14 15 12 15 56 Professional 30 September
Wadi Degla Egypt Great Great 15 14 13 14 56 Professional 8 April
Le Havre France Great Great 15 15 13 13 56 Professional 9 March
Lens France Excellent Excellent 16 16 12 12 56 Professional 9 March
Pumas Naucalpan Mexico Good Great 13 15 12 16 56 Semi-professional 27 February
Hamilton Scotland Good Great 12 14 15 15 56 Professional 14 March
Real Sporting Spain Excellent Great 16 14 13 13 56 Professional 29 March
LAFC United States Excellent Great 16 14 12 14 56 Professional 2 January
LAFC Academy United States Excellent Great 16 14 12 14 56 Semi-professional 2 January
Union Academy United States Great Superb 15 18 12 11 56 Semi-professional 2 January
Peñarol Uruguay Average Excellent 11 16 15 14 56 Professional 17 January
AFA (ANG) Angola Great Great 15 15 10 15 55 Amateur 8 April
Independiente Argentina Great Great 15 14 10 16 55 Professional 8 November
Shirak Armenia Average Great 11 15 13 16 55 Professional -
Desportivo Brasil Brazil Excellent Great 17 14 10 14 55 Professional 21 September
AGF Denmark Great Great 15 15 13 12 55 Professional 19 March
OB Denmark Great Great 14 14 13 14 55 Professional 19 March
Reading England Great Great 15 15 12 13 55 Professional 14 March
Nancy France Great Great 14 15 13 13 55 Professional 9 March
Siquinalá Guatemala Great Great 15 15 15 10 55 Semi-professional 8 April
Bnei Yehuda Israel Great Great 14 14 12 15 55 Professional 9 March
S.C. Ashdod Israel Good Excellent 12 16 13 14 55 Professional 9 March
Albirex Japan - - 15 14 10 16 55 Professional 21 September
AR Tuzo Mexico Great Superb 14 14 11 16 55 Professional 27 February
Pachuca III Mexico Great Superb 14 14 11 16 55 Professional 27 February
Vardar North Macedonia Great Excellent 14 16 12 13 55 Professional 8 April
Obolon Ukraine Good Great 12 15 15 13 55 Professional 16 March
Atlanta United United States Superb Great 18 14 11 12 55 Professional 2 January
Atlanta United Academy United States Superb Great 18 14 11 12 55 Semi-professional 2 January
NYRB Academy United States Great Excellent 14 16 13 12 55 Semi-professional 2 January
FC Bulleen Lions Australia Good Great 13 14 9 18 54 Semi-professional 14 September
Altach Austria Great Great 15 15 12 12 54 Professional 3 March
Litex Bulgaria Great Great 14 14 13 13 54 Professional 19 March
Vejle Denmark Good Great 13 14 14 13 54 Professional 19 March
Cardiff England Great Great 15 15 11 13 54 Professional 14 March
Coventry England Great Great 15 15 12 12 54 Professional 14 March
Troyes France Great Great 14 15 12 13 54 Professional 9 March
Atlas III Mexico Good Great 13 14 11 16 54 Semi-professional 27 February
Auckland City New Zealand Good Great 12 14 14 14 54 Professional 8 April
FC Ebedei Nigeria Average Great 10 15 15 14 54 Amateur 21 September
Motherwell Scotland Average Great 11 15 14 14 54 Professional 14 March
Sundowns South Africa Excellent Great 16 14 14 10 54 Professional 3 April
Wacker Innsbruck Austria Great Great 14 14 12 13 53 Professional 3 March
Liefering Austria Good Superb 12 17 12 12 53 Professional 3 March
Oostende Belgium Excellent Excellent 16 16 11 10 53 Professional 19 March
Bahia Brazil Excellent Great 16 14 9 14 53 Professional 21 September
Unión Española Chile Good Great 12 15 12 14 53 Professional 30 September
Ipswich England Great Great 14 14 12 13 53 Professional 14 March
Lorient France Great Great 15 15 12 11 53 Professional 9 March
RTD Academy Ghana Adequate Great 8 15 15 15 53 Amateur 21 September
Chievo Italy Great Great 15 14 12 12 53 Professional 19 March
Arendal Norway Great Great 14 14 11 14 53 Semi-professional 5 February
Altınordu Turkey Excellent Excellent 16 16 16 5 53 Professional 9 March
Inter Miami United States Great Great 14 14 11 14 53 Professional 2 January
Philadelphia United States Great Great 15 15 12 11 53 Professional 2 January
Juniors OÖ Austria Great Great 14 14 12 12 52 Professional 3 March
Dinamo Brest Belarus Average Great 11 15 13 13 52 Professional -
Alajuelense Costa Rica Good Superb 12 14 13 13 52 Professional 8 April
Zagreb Croatia Excellent Great 16 14 12 10 52 Amateur 9 March
Stoke England Excellent Great 16 15 10 11 52 Professional 14 March
FH Iceland Great Great 14 14 12 12 52 Professional 14 April
ADO Den Haag Netherlands Average Great 11 15 13 13 52 Professional 26 March
Famalicão Portugal Great Great 14 14 12 12 52 Professional 19 March
Aberdeen Scotland Below average Great 6 14 14 18 52 Professional 14 March
Kilmarnock Scotland Good Great 12 14 12 14 52 Professional 14 March
Karpaty Ukraine Great Excellent 14 16 12 10 52 Professional 16 March
Earthquakes Academy United States Great Great 15 15 11 11 52 Semi-professional 2 January
Seattle United States Great Great 15 15 11 11 52 Professional 2 January
Sounders Academy United States Great Great 15 15 11 11 52 Semi-professional 2 January
Vancouver United States Good Great 12 15 11 14 52 Professional 2 January
Whitecaps Academy United States Good Great 12 15 11 14 52 Amateur 2 January
Huracán Argentina Good Great 12 14 9 16 51 Professional 8 November
Beerschot VA Belgium Average Great 10 14 13 14 51 Professional 19 March
Bury England Great Great 15 15 11 10 51 Professional 14 March
Guingamp France Great Great 14 15 10 12 51 Professional 9 March
Karlsruhe Germany Great Great 14 14 12 11 51 Professional 9 March
Bursaspor Turkey Excellent Excellent 16 16 14 5 51 Professional 9 March
IMG Academy United States Great Excellent 15 16 9 11 51 Amateur 2 January
Bochum Germany Good Great 13 15 12 10 50 Professional 9 March
Keflavík Iceland Great Great 14 14 10 12 50 Professional 14 April
Njarðvík Iceland Great Great 14 14 12 10 50 Professional 14 April
Villa 2000 Indonesia - - 14 14 13 9 50 Amateur 6 March
Instituto Argentina Average Great 10 14 11 14 49 Professional 8 November
Alexis García Colombia - - 9 16 14 10 49 Semi-professional 16 January
FAS El Salvador Adequate Great 8 15 13 13 49 Professional -
Kaiserslautern Germany Great Great 14 14 10 11 49 Professional 9 March
Tobruk Israel Basic Great 4 14 13 18 49 Semi-professional 9 March
U del Futbol Mexico Great Superb 14 14 11 10 49 Semi-professional 27 February
Atlas Académicos Mexico Below average Great 6 14 12 17 49 Professional 27 February
Chivas III Mexico Good Great 13 15 11 10 49 Semi-professional 27 February
Escuela Chivas Mexico Good Great 13 15 11 10 49 Semi-professional 27 February
Burton England State of the art State of the art 20 20 4 4 48 Professional 14 March
Pumas III Mexico Good Great 12 14 10 12 48 Professional 27 February
San Jose United States Great Great 15 15 9 9 48 Professional 2 January
Luton England Great Great 14 14 10 9 47 Professional 14 March
FC Nürnberg Germany Great Great 14 14 10 9 47 Professional 9 March
Padroense Portugal Good Great 12 15 12 8 47 Amateur 19 March
Zenit Russia Average Excellent 11 17 9 10 47 Professional 23 February
Dynamo Academy United States Great Great 14 14 10 9 47 Semi-professional 2 January
Houston United States Great Great 14 14 10 9 47 Professional 2 January
Bentleigh Greens Australia Average Great 10 14 8 14 46 Semi-professional 14 September
Osmanlıspor F.K. Turkey Excellent Excellent 16 16 9 5 46 Professional 9 March
Portland United States Great Great 14 14 9 9 46 Professional 2 January
Timbers Academy United States Great Great 14 14 9 9 46 Semi-professional 2 January
Volyn U19 Ukraine - - 10 15 10 10 45 Semi-professional 16 March
Nacional da Madeira Portugal Great Great 14 15 11 4 44 Professional 19 March
Gençlerbirliği Turkey Great Great 15 15 11 3 44 Professional 9 March
Pôle Espoirs Réunion Réunion Adequate Great 8 15 10 10 43 Amateur -
Vorskla Ukraine Average Great 10 15 9 9 43 Professional 16 March
Kasımpaşa Turkey Excellent Excellent 16 16 8 2 42 Professional 9 March
Sumy Ukraine Adequate Great 8 14 9 11 42 Professional 16 March
Volna Belarus Below average Great 7 15 11 8 41 Professional -
Antalyaspor Turkey Great Great 15 15 9 2 41 Professional 9 March
Başakşehir F.K. Turkey Great Great 14 14 10 3 41 Professional 9 March
Huddersfield England Great Great 15 15 5 5 40 Professional 14 March
Desportiva Brazil Average Great 10 14 7 8 39 Professional 21 September
Tavria Crimea Average Great 10 15 7 7 39 Professional -
Volyn Ukraine Good Great 12 15 6 6 39 Professional 16 March
Stars of Africa South Africa - - 10 14 12 2 38 Amateur 3 April
DUFS Zorya Ukraine - - 5 15 7 7 34 Semi-professional 16 March
Académie JMG Ghana Ghana - - 3 17 4 1 25 Amateur 21 September
Hacettepe Turkey Below average Great 7 14 3 1 25 Professional 9 March

What are the best teams?

The best academy is SL Benfica's, with a near-perfect score of 79 out of 80. Portuguese teams make up two out of the top three sides in this list. The Netherlands and Belgium dominate the top spots, with 7 of the top 13 sides coming from these nations.
There are some semi-professional and amateur teams that do impressively well, too. Melbourne City (NPL) are the best semi-pro team with a score of 66/80, while AKA St. Pölten have the best amateur academy, with a score of 65/80.


This list was made using FM Genie Scout 20, and the columns Training facilities, Youth facilities, Junior coaching, and Youth Rating are all taken directly from the app. The Training description and Youth description columns reflect what is shown in the game. I have totalled the Genie Scout columns and sorted the sheet by that total.
I've included teams with a Youth decription of "Great" or higher (Youth facilities rating of 14 or higher). I've also excluded any teams from the top five divisions in Europe in an effort to keep costs down - the emphasis is on cheap, after all. Obviously "cheap" varies depending on the team you're managing, but there should be something here for everyone.
Training facilities have been included so that if you arrive a little late to the party, there is a greater chance of the newgens developing a little at the club. If you get them on day one, you can ignore this column.
Note that this list is not exhaustive. I've stuck to Genie Scout's ratings, but I know there are some teams that have "Great" or better youth facilities that I have not included. Often these are B teams, which seem to inherit their descriptions from their parent clubs. But some are like Solihull Moors, which have a Youth description of "Great" but Youth facilities value of 3, which should result in "Basic" or "Poor". Here, I've stuck to Genie Scout's values.
I am also indebted to u/Joltie for their list of youth intake dates in Football Manager 2020. These dates are listed in the right-most column. Some nations do not have an intake date, and you may not see them every produce newgens, but I've included them anyway just in case. These are marked with a dash in the intake date column.
Finally, be aware that a nation's youth rating is very important. While Pyunik sits pretty high on the list, Armenia's low youth rating means the club may never produce a quality newgen. That said, they are worth checking thanks to their top-notch facilities and very cheap asking prices.
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2020.09.05 17:56 jimmithy Post-Match Thread: Newport County 2 - 0 Swansea City

Newport County 2 - 0 Swansea City

Date: 5th September 2020 at 3pm
Venue: Rodney Parade


Towsend, Haynes, Labadie (Yellow 44'), Howkins, Dolan, Sheehan, Abrahams (Goal 6', 45'), Twine (Sub Taylor 84'), Collins, Demetriou, Shepard
Subs: King, Baker, Willmott, Amond, Janneh, Taylor, Woodiwss
Woodman, Routledge (Sub Asoro 72'), Fulton, Rodon, Naughton, Bidwell (Sub Peterson 72'), Smith (Sub Dhanda 72'), Grimes, Gibbs-White, Ayew, Lowe (Yellow 68')
Subs: Benda, C. Evans, Rushesha, Williams, Dhanda, Peterson, Asoro
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2020.09.05 15:51 jimmithy Match Thread: Newport County vs Swansea City - Carabao Cup

Newport County 2 - 0 Swansea City

Date: 5th September 2020 at 3pm
Venue: Rodney Parade


Towsend, Haynes, Labadie (Yellow 44'), Howkins, Dolan, Sheehan, Abrahams (Goal 6', 45'), Twine (Sub Taylor 84'), Collins, Demetriou, Shepard
Subs: King, Baker, Willmott, Amond, Janneh, Taylor, Woodiwss
Woodman, Routledge (Sub Asoro 72'), Fulton, Rodon, Naughton, Bidwell (Sub Peterson 72'), Smith (Sub Dhanda 72'), Grimes, Gibbs-White, Ayew, Lowe (Yellow 68')
Subs: Benda, C. Evans, Rushesha, Williams, Dhanda, Peterson, Asoro
0' - Some familiar faces in the Newport line up. 6' - GOAL! NEWPORT 1 - 0 Swans: Abrahams Trouble down our the right side between Routledge and Fulton. They get it into the box for Abrahams to score. 44' - Yellow for Labadie 45' - GOAL! NEWPORT 2 - 0 Swans: Abrahams Woodman comes out, misses, and Abrahams roles into an empty net.
68' - Yellow for Lowe 72' - Triple change for the Swans. Dhanda, Asoro, and Peterson on for Smith, Routledge, and Bidwell. 84' - Newport make a change, Twine is replaced by Taylor.
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2020.09.01 01:27 AbhimanuGoyal Reviewing the 2014/15 Season, Best/Worst Matches, Highs/Lows - by BluFF

Reviewing the 2014/15 Season, Best/Worst Matches, Highs/Lows - by BluFF
After reviewing Mourinho's first season back after his initial run (2013/14), I decided to review his second season in charge, which we know brought some much-awaited trophies back to the bridge as we reclaimed the premier league as well as the capital one cup. So how did we do this? What were our best matches, worst matches, general highs/lows from this season? Let's find out.
Title Challenge: MANY were expecting us to challenge, especially after the singings we made (securing Diego Costa, Fabregas, Felipe Luis, and Drogba). Plus, we all knew about Mourinho's second season and his serial track record of ALWAYS winning a trophy in his second season. But there were still some concerns, could the old guards still deliver? Will Mourinho bench Petr Cech and play returning loanee Thibaut Courtois? Will losing Lukaku permanently to Everton in the TW be costly? or the departure of veteran players like Lampard, Cole, Torres, Ba, and Eto'o? Well, we know the answers now, but back then it wasn't as clear cut. Does Fabregas still have it? Will Costa adapt to the premier league? Well, I think they did alright for us lol, we topped the table by matchday 3 and never gave it up this season.

Let's talk about some of the least memorable games/moments from this season
Manchester City 1-1 Chelsea: Lampard scoring against us. What was worse was this ended our perfect start to the league campaign. Lampard was on loan from NYCFC, after Chelsea decided not to extend his contract at the end of the 2013/14 season. I did enjoy his celebration, it was respectful and not apologetic, as it should be.
Tottenham 5-3 Chelsea: Getting wrecked by Harry Kane at WHL in the league. This result halted our momentum and was the 2nd out of 3 losses we would incur all season. Kane scored 2, assisted another 2 and won the penalty which he didn't even take! That's how fresh he was. His coming-out party. Spurs released a 5-3 DVD shortly after this game, the clowns.
Chelsea 2-4 Bradford, FA Cup 4th round: If this happened last season we probably wouldn't think twice, but back in 2015, this was shocking, we were up 2-0 and ended up losing 2-4 LOL. This was when our home was still a fortress, when Mourinho's defensive prowess was a thing, so this was ultimately chalked up as a freak result.
Shocking exit at the hands of PSG in the KO, CL: Chelsea did well in the away leg, coming away with a 1-1 scoreline, and things were all set for us in the second leg, with a 1-0 lead against 10 men PSG (Ibra sent off) with 10 minutes to play, ENTER Ex-Chelsea player DAVID LUIZ, he didn't shy away from letting us know who scored, and it was at the death as well. What made it worse is we led again in ET only for now Chelsea player Thiago Silva to break our hearts again at the death, with another header, to send Chelsea packing. This was hard to take.
Newcastle 2-1 Chelsea: Back when Cisse was borderline world-class, and couldn't stop scoring against Chelsea, and we also couldn't stop getting mugged off at St. James Park. This result ended our then club record of 14 games unbeaten (Conte would beat this record 2 seasons later).
Home draw game against Burnley in the business end of the season, spawned the famous Mourinho \"minute 30, 33, 43, 69\" post-match presser, those numbers represented the minutes of horrendous refereeing in this game, minute 69 was the infamous Barnes tackle on Matic which could have EASILY ended Matic's career, and Barnes didn't even get booked! Matic ended up getting sent off and missing the COC final, I hate Burnley and Sean Dyche with a passion because of this game (still do)
Now let's talk about some of the memorable games from this season
Burley 1-3 Chelsea: With the other top 5 all having shaky results in round 1 of games, our season opener against neandertals Burnley away on a rainy night was not the easiest, especially going a goal down early. What came after is a thunderous strike from debutant Diego Costa and arguably one of the greatest assists in Chelsea history, that Cesc fake-shot ala volley pass through a wall of Burnley players to Schurrle for the tap in. What a statement win this was.
Everton 3-6 Chelsea: There is always a game in a season that makes you think you are watching something special, this was the game for me. Going up 2-0 inside 3 minutes at a very tricky ground for us historically, was incredible, Diego absolutely terrorized Everton. This was also the first of 10 assists Cesc would give to Diego. This game was nuts btw, there was a period of 10 minutes ('67 to '77) where 5 goals were scored! Every top side was put on notice, that Chelsea means business this year. This game featured Mikel's backheel assist, highly underrated.
Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal: There was a reason Diego became an instant cult hero and was known as the darling of Stamford Bridge. 9 goals in his first 7 games, including a hat trick and of course this iconic goal against bitter rivals Arsenal (another Cesc assist). This game also featured one Eden Hazard's best dribbles, where he took apart Arsenal's defense and won a penalty.
Stoke City 0-2 Chelsea: Remember those cold rainy away nights to Stoke? Well, this was one of those nights, but we had a lead to defend/maintain. Terry opened the scoring early but what followed was a tense period of Stoke pressure, and when Fabregas ultimately put Chelsea in front 2-0 with a scrappy goal, there was a huge relief (as can be seen with his famous celebration in front of the away support), this was a big away win to maintain our lead at the top of the table.
Chelsea 1-0 Everton: Everyone played their part this season. Having only a slender 4 point lead over Manchester City, and lucky not to be trailing in this game, if not for a world-class Cech save denying Lukaku from scoring, Willian came up huge with one of his finest goals in a Chelsea shirt in the 90th to seal 3 massive points for Chelsea against a stubborn Howard, to put Chelsea 7 points clear at the top.
Swansea 0-5 Chelsea: This was peak Mourinho's Chelsea 2014/15, we had played terrific expansive football in the first 2/3 of the season, and this was our best performance, 4-0 up in 30 or so minutes away to a good side. Oscar and Diego ran riot, Chelsea scored a beautiful team goal and Willian hit two posts, all inside the first half.
Special mentions:
  • Chelsea beating Liverpool in the semi-finals of the COC: this tie felt like a CL knockout game, high intensity, both managers wanted to win this badly, T-Bo kept us in this tie with 2-3 unbelievable saves.
  • QPR 0-1 Chelsea: Fabregas's 88th-minute winner broke City hearts as Chelsea kept their lead safe, against an annoying local rival.
  • Chelsea 2-0 Spurs, COC final: Terry Costa goals and Mourinho's resolute defensive tactics choked Tottenham out completely, great win.

Other noteworthy points from this season:
Eden Hazard's rise to world-class supremacy: In my 2013/14 review I talked about how Eden stepped up and delivered more consistency (17 goals) and won an individual award (PFA young player of the year), well the next step is to continue that consistency and help win Chelsea a trophy. Well, he did that and more! Same consistency (19 goals), won the most prestigious individual award there is to win (PFA POTS), and played a MASSIVE part in helping Chelsea win the premier league title, with vital contributions in the business end of this season as evidenced by the images above and points below. He became a world-class player this season. I hope we have a similar trajectory with Christian Pulisic.
  • Tremendous assist vs title rivals Manchester City in a top of the table clash in January, we needed Eden to step up here because we were w/o Diego and Cesc in this game, and he did
  • Goal against West Ham in February, a tense 0-1 away win, and almost had an unreal assist to Ramires
  • Settled nerves with a thunderous goal against Hull in March after we had dropped points at home against Southampton the week prior
  • That massive goal against United in April, where we won 1-0 and stretched our lead to 10 points at the top
  • And ofcourse winning and scoring that penalty against Palace to win Chelsea's 4th Premier League Title (5th if counting all years). 3rd under Mourinho.
In a perfect world, the next step up would be to help Chelsea win a European trophy (even though he technically already did that with the Europa League in 12/13). But I of course mean the Champions League. Unfortunately, next season didn't go as planned and was one of our worst seasons under the Abramovich Era.
Those two signings: This might be recency bias, but IMO, I don't think we have made two better signings in the modern Abramovich Era then Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. Our TW business after this season absolutely shat the bed, but in this window, we had one of our best windows, which is of course being rivaled by the 2020 TW. But never have two signings had such an immediate impact then Costa and Fabregas did this season. I certainly hope Ziyech, Werner, Havertz follow the same success that these two had in 2014/15 (and again in 2016/17).
Cesc was coming off a decent enough spell with Barcelona and a lot of baggage from his Arsenal days had everything going against him. But he made us forget all of that by contributing his best assists tally every, a staggering 18 assists, 2 off the premier league record.
Costa was coming off knocking us out of the Champions League semi-finals last season (and coming within seconds of winning it in the finals), had a lot of excitement to be fair. He was a Mourinho player. And boy did he deliver, 20 premier league goals in his debut season, including many big goals (Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, COC final, etc.)
We have to talk about him: If things hadn't worked out the way they did with a certain ex-keeper of ours (who is miles ahead of our current keeper lol), I would have made this "Those three signings" because Courtois played his part and had an excellent first season, vital saves against Leicester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Burnley etc. where the matches were in the balance or at 0-0, and his saves were massive.
Big goals Branislav Ivanovic: This is personal bias because Ivanovic is a personal favorite player of mine, but there was a period of a few weeks where he scored such vital goals in big games. This includes his winner against Liverpool in the 4th minute of ET in the second leg of the COC semi-finals to send Chelsea to Wembley. His incredible weak foot volley in the second half against plucky Aston Villa to seal 3 points for Chelsea in a tricky away game. And he also scored the away goal against PSG in the first leg. Seriously, need a big goal? Call big goal Brana. What a servant.

Fun Moments
  • John Terry's goal against Maribor in the CL group stages (he was one of the only 3 players that ran up the entire length of the field for some random reason, but was rewarded). Eden's goal in this game was a beauty as well. Chelsea won this game 6-0, their biggest CL win to date I am pretty sure.
  • Beating Schalke 0-5 away in the CL (had them in group stages again for the second year in a row)
  • Felipe Luis's debut goal, great free-kick (vs Derby COC). Felipe Luis didn't shine as much as he should have for us, given his technical ability, he did play his part
  • Costa's brilliant goal vs West Ham in December where he took on 3 players and somehow scored, a true goal out of nothing, vintage Diego
  • That defensive block from John Terry against Harry Kane in the Capital Cup Final, Captain, Leader, Legend. Scored in that final as well, iconic moment.
  • Steven Gerrard's Liverpool giving us the guard of honor, especially after what transpired the season before, this was just amazing.
  • Fabregas's deliberate and amazingly accurate kick of the ball right at Chris Brunt's head at West Brom, Cesc was shown a straight red (this was after we had won the title), he got I think what is the only perfect 10 score player ratings on WAGNH for this match. Best red card ever.
  • The actual Chelsea goal of the season, Oscar's unreal outside of the foot wonder goal against bitter rivals QPR, if only Oscar was consistent....
  • Post-match celebrations after the Palace game, celebrating the title win
  • Hazard, Cahill, Ivanovic, Matic, Costa and a 34-year-old "past his prime" John Terry all being included in the PFA Team of the year for 2014/15
  • Idk about anyone else, but I absolutely loved that full yellow away kit we had this season. Delicious.
  • Mourinho winning manager of the season
  • Loic Remy's big contributions when Costa and Drogba were out, (goal vs City, winner vs Hull)
  • Strong CL group stage performance
  • In the 2014 calendar year, Nemanja Matic was honestly where Kante is now, he was considered the best CDM in the world when fully fit, incredible
  • Cesar Azpilicueta and Kurt Zouma's breakout seasons (Zouma won young player of the season)
  • Drogba's return: Drogba played his part, even at 35 years old, he made vital contributions throughout the season (United, Spurs, Leicester), but more than that he was just amazing to have around the dressing room. Its also incredible that his first two goals back (penalty against Maribor in the CL group stage, and near-post header against United) mirrored his final two goals he scored in Munich in 2012. Seriously, go back and check this, its scary. King.
  • Winning the title by 8 points, with 3 games to spare
  • Beating Spurs in the capital one cup final, Jose's bold decision to play veteran Cech ahead of T-Bo when the latter had been good form and the main starter, as well as his iconic decision to play Kurt Zouma in a holding role alongside Fabregas, was a masterstroke (Matic was suspended).
  • The first half of this season is honestly up there with Conte's run of 13 wins in a row, and any other sustained period of pure football enjoyment you have ever experienced as a Chelsea fan. We played such attractive football and scored beautiful goals, see Costa's goal vs Swansea, Schurle's goal vs City, Costa's goal vs Arsenal, Cesc's goal of the season contender vs Palace away, Costa's goal vs Cardiff, Eden's goal vs Spurs (Drogba 1-2).

Overall Thoughts: We had very high expectations this season and Mourinho delivered and then some, we did business in the TW very well, and that set us up perfectly for the season. Mourinho still had that aura where his players fought for him, when he did the whole "us against the world" mentality, probably the last season where he was able to pull that off sadly. It all went downhill after this season. But this season was special, two trophies, and we ended up winning the title at a canter. Lots of players stepped up at vital times when Costa was out, Drogba filled in, when Drogba was out, Remy filled in. Matic and Cesc were immense in the middle and worked well with Willian/Ramires picking up the slack defensively. Breakout season for Azpi, who held his own at LB. Cahill, Terry, and Ivanovic were terrific as well. Lots of positive football this season, first half especially was really fun, contrary to what some rivals might say. Only real disappointment was the CL campaign.
TL:DR: One of the best transfer windows in recent memory (at that time), three signings who contributed immensely to winning the title (Cesc, Costa, T-Bo). Fantastic backline and Eden Hazard, who officially became a world-class player. Won the COC. Disappointing end to the CL campaign. Last pleasant Mourinho memory. Guv'nor + Magic Hat = Happiness.
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2020.08.24 22:02 larki18 The Killers' Interview with Music Week

The campaign for The Killers’ new LP Imploding The Mirage has already endured a delayed album, postponed tour and potential scandal against the dystopian backdrop of Covid-19. Here, the band’s Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci, manager Robert Reynolds, WME agent Kirk Sommer and EMI’s Clive Cawley reflect on a turbulent few months – and roll out plan B...
For one of Las Vegas’ favourite sons, Brandon Flowers plays his cards close to his chest. The Killers frontman has retained an enigmatic aura in the age of celebrity and social media, so having a fellow indie rock‘n’roller on hand to fill in the blanks feels like hitting the jackpot.
“Brandon is a workhorse,” enthuses Travis singer Fran Healy, Flowers’ one-time touring partner. “He’ll come off stage and go and run for an hour on a treadmill; then he’ll have a shower, go to the back of the tour bus and start songwriting until 3am. He doesn’t stop.”
“I don’t know that he’s any different to me, maybe no treadmills,” chuckles Flowers, confirming the veracity of the account. The rock superstar co-wrote Here With Me – the final single from the US band’s 2012 Battle Born LP – with Healy.
“We love Fran,” beams Flowers, speaking to Music Week from his home in Park City, Utah. “At our very first gig me and Dave Keuning, our guitarist, did an open mic night at a café and played a Travis song, Side, which I love. So getting to know him and becoming friendly has been really nice. It’s always good to be able to talk to someone who’s shared some of these experiences and has done it before you.”
This was meant to be The Killers’ year. A career-defining Glastonbury headline slot (see panel on p18) laid the groundwork for their biggest ever British tour (250,000 tickets sold in under two hours), while outstanding new album Imploding The Mirage looked set to enshrine their place in rock’s Champions League.
Alas, 2020 had other ideas. The group’s UK stadium run was put back 12 months, while the accompanying long-player finally saw the light of day last Friday – three months later than originally planned (thanks to you know what).
“It brought a lot of activity to a halt unfortunately,” sighs their agent, WME partner and head of music Kirk Sommer. “We had a complete 18-month plan with some additional stadium shows in other territories.”
Forecasting the chaos that was to come, Sommer moved quickly to secure alternative dates for 2021.

"I've noticed songs are coming easier as I get older."
- Brandon Flowers
“I had some early visibility as I saw what was happening in Asia and some other territories, and by the end of February or first week of March – while shows were still playing out in the UK – we were able to successfully hold the same markets,” he says. “I do not have a crystal ball and there is no science or data to support this will be a viable time period, but it’s as late as we could go in these venues and there are other tours getting confirmed and going on sale for the spring in the UK and in far worse impacted territories. So we remain very cautious, but have to remain hopeful as well. Demand remains very strong.”
Nevada-born Flowers, who turns 40 next year, upped sticks from Vegas a couple of years ago and has been relishing life in lockdown with wife Tana and their three sons. “I feel a little bit guilty,” he confides. “I’m so used to travelling so much and being away that I’m enjoying the extra time being in such close proximity to everybody. It’s been a nice experience.”
“I’m spending a lot more time in the kitchen,” chips in drummer Ronnie Vannucci, halfway through making a sandwich. “I don’t mind it so bad, except that I was really looking forward to sharing these songs and playing them for people and now it’s... a little different.”
On the album delay, The Killers manager Robert Reynolds says the decision was effectively taken out of their hands.
“It was hard, but there were two factors,” explains the Reynolds Management boss. “First, the album wasn’t completed. Part way through mixing we couldn’t get into the room with our mixer, who had a new baby. Things were done remotely and certain finishing touches had to be completed.
“Still, everyone hoped that Covid-19 would be resolved quickly. At first, the label hoped we could delay a few months and perhaps things could be different. When it became clear that performing live wouldn’t happen for a while, we just did our best to get this music finished and out to our fans as soon as possible.”
“People need music now more than ever,” asserts Flowers. “Music has always been a place that I go to for comfort or escape, or to feel like I’m not alone, and I think those attributes of music are still alive and kicking and people need them now.”
Even with the intervention of a global pandemic, EMI MD Clive Cawley says the campaign’s core objective remains the same – to deliver a sixth straight UK No.1 studio album for The Killers.
“It’s been a stop-start process since we launched a ticket pre-order bundle as far back as November 2019,” reflects Cawley. “With the album originally slated for a May release, it’s been somewhat of a challenge to maintain public and media interest and enthusiasm. Full credit to both the band for delivering an excellent record and our team working the project for never giving up and making sure we do it justice across every department. It’s just kept rolling along very nicely indeed.”
Lead single Caution (49,560 sales, OCC), which features former Fleetwood Mac star Lindsey Buckingham on guitar, got the latest Killers era off to a flying start, reaching No.1 on the US rock airplay chart. Three other tracks: Fire In Bone, My Own Soul’s Warning and the soaring Dying Breed were also put out ahead of time. “We released as many tracks before the album dropped as we could,” says Reynolds. “It’s hard to sit on songs you know are great.”

"The Killers have never wanted to headline rooms too big, too fast."
- Robert Reynolds, Reynolds Management
Recorded in studios in Utah, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Shawn Everett and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado were drafted in to handle production duties, with other cameos including KD Lang, Weyes Blood and The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel on what is trumpeted as the band’s “most collaborative” record to date.
“I feel good about it,” nods Vannucci, who names Blowback and Running Towards A Place as personal highlights. “We went off track a little bit with the way we do things and arrived at a very pleasing spot,” he continues. “It was like going camping without knowing where you’re going, and then arriving at a really good camp spot.”
Every track is brimming with mass singalong potential, befitting the enormous stages on which they were intended to be played.
“We’ve always written a certain type of song that resonates with a lot of people,” notes Flowers. “We’ve never been shy about our admiration for the Rolling Stones, U2 and these bands that do that well and so I think it’s just part of our DNA. It’s definitely there and it’s something that you think about.”
Reynolds admits to keeping his initially sky-high expectations in check due to world events. “Now that we won’t have touring to support the new songs, I’m not sure what to expect,” he concedes. “Bands that aren’t using the biggest pop writers to dominate Top 40 radio rely on live performances to expose fans to their music. All of The Killers’ hits – and even non-hits that became fan favourites, like All These Things That I’ve Done – became such as a result of live performances. I can’t wait for us to get back on the road to do this album justice.”
Guitarist Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer stepped back from touring prior to the 2017/18 Wonderful Wonderful tour (“I wanted to have more of a normal life,” Keuning told MW last year). Though Stoermer contributed to Imploding The Mirage, the record is the group’s first to be made without Keuning’s involvement. However, Reynolds insists both founding members remain part of the band. “Extensive touring takes its toll,” he says. “Everyone is getting along fine and I expect that both of them will be more involved on the next album cycle.”
Seasoned festival headliners, The Killers are already a proven draw at the highest level, but their 10-date jaunt now set for 2021 – scheduled to kick off in Doncaster on May 25 and conclude at Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford on June 12, prior to two outdoor shows in Ireland – will be their first UK stadium tour.
“The Killers have never wanted to headline rooms too big, too fast,” says Reynolds. “Other bands in similar positions would have played full stadium tours at an earlier point in their career. We were certain we would sell the shows out, and the band have been touring in the UK with consistent No.1 records for six albums now. The time felt right.”
“We also wanted to launch with something really big that would reverberate around the world,” adds Sommer. “We had already sold out Wembley Stadium on a previous campaign and sold out Hyde Park in record time to signify the beginning of the last campaign, which was immediately followed by a sold-out arena run.
“We put our toe in the water [in 2018] with a couple of outdoor regional shows in Swansea and Bolton that accompanied a larger European festival run to see how the band and the fans would like them. It was an easy way to try a couple before we overcommitted to something more extensive that we might not love. The thought was that, if they were a success, we would and could plot the whole next UK and Irish album run outdoors.”
The year took another unwelcome turn in the last week of July, when The Killers camp was rocked by lurid sexual misconduct accusations dating back more than a decade. In a blog, Chez Cherrie, an audio technician who worked on the band’s Day & Age tour for three weeks in 2009, described a misogynistic backstage culture and, most seriously, alleged hearing crew members boast of sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman in a dressing room at a Milwaukee venue.

"They are cementing themselves even deeper in the history books."
- Clive Cawley, EMI

A subsequent internal investigation deduced the claims were “an attempt at a joke or a ‘hazing’” by a front of house (FOH) engineer after interviewing crew and tracing the alleged victim, who confirmed “she did not experience, witness or hear about a sexual assault”. The group’s lawyers identified the FOH engineer, dismissed from the touring team in 2013, as a “problematic workmate” whose “pattern of poor management” and “series of sexist remarks and rude comments” had caused “great distress” to the complainant.
Reynolds tells Music Week that although the band were “shocked” by the allegations, they were determined to find out exactly what had happened. “It was important to us that we were thorough in our investigation – including reports from the venue, security, and depositions of crew members conducted by a separate law firm – transparent in our findings and also that we carefully considered what changes can be made going forward,” he explains.
“I’ve seen first-hand what bad men can do to a woman’s experience in this life,” says Flowers. “So if there was something like that going on in our camp, of course, I wanted to get to the bottom of it and thank God, it was proven to be a false alarm. I want our fans to know that we would never turn a blind eye to an assault. We respect women and we want everybody to know that.”
For a band whose two decades in the business have been devoid of scandal, the episode was a reality check.
“It changed our way of thinking about everything,” remarks Vannucci. “We are constantly trying to promote good living and responsibility; that is how we run the ship and we’re going to continue to do so – perhaps with a little bit more of a vision and an outlook for keeping people safe and making them feel safe when working under our umbrella.”
The Killers have directed their team to establish an off-site independent HR contact for future tours.
“If there is something positive to come out of this, we’re going to have a HR development on our next tour where if anybody feels scared or like they are being treated unfairly, or feel uncomfortable in any way, they’ll have a number to call,” says Flowers. “Hopefully that will make women especially feel more comfortable on a job that is predominantly men.”
“Touring and the music industry as a whole was really different 10 to 15 years ago and we hope we can be part of the change to make it more welcoming to everyone,” reflects Reynolds. “We all need to be vigilant that no one is ever made uncomfortable. Unlike other large companies, touring bands don’t have HR departments. For that reason, we decided to retain a third party HR company going forward. I’d suggest every band do this so that all crew members feel like they have a reliable third party to voice and investigate concerns.”
Imploding The Mirage’s predecessor, 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful (182,398 sales), gave the rockers a first No.1 LP in their homeland, although much of the attention was focused on ubiquitous first single The Man (345,592 sales) and its memorable music video. “I always associate the record with the tour and I loved the tour,” says Flowers. “I’m really proud of songs like Rut, The Man and Run For Cover, I feel like they are going to stick around.”
For Vannucci and Reynolds, the period conjures up mixed emotions. “That was an odd time for me personally,” recalls Vannucci. “My father died and I was fresh off the heels of a divorce when we were writing that record. I wouldn’t say it was dark, but there was definitely change in the air. But I really enjoyed the tour.”
“The Man was very successful — a great video and the first [US] alternative No.1 in 10 years since Read My Mind,” notes Reynolds. “Still, there are songs on that album which I don’t think enough people are familiar with. The campaign went well, but I wish music consumption today wasn’t so singles-oriented and people spent more time appreciating entire albums.”
Flowers, for one, hasn’t lost sight of the power of deeper cuts. “We still strive to create an overall listening experience or a feeling with an entire record,” he reveals. “You can’t really do that without having those types of songs and sometimes those are people’s favourites. When I was growing up, I didn’t necessarily know what the singles were when I bought an album. I gravitated towards what my heart gravitated towards.”
Lest we forget, The Killers sold records when bands really sold records – 2004 debut Hot Fuss has moved 2,333,888 copies in the UK, while sales of follow-ups Sam’s Town (2006) and Day & Age (2008) have also reached seven figures. The group has amassed over 15 million monthly Spotify listeners – outranking the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, The 1975, Muse and Radiohead – and continue to straddle the line between the old and new (albeit, just 16% of Wonderful Wonderful’s sales were from streaming). But it’s not a subject Flowers is losing any sleep over.
“It’s kind of out of our hands,” he shrugs. “It’s interesting to watch it happen – Napster was just making headlines when we were starting, so it was in its infancy and it seems like there is no going back. Sometimes I’ll get a statistic and hear how many people are streaming you per month and it’s amazing. But my heart goes out to a young band that have to prove their statistics before they get a certain amount of attention from their record label. I’m a lucky one because our foot was already in the door.”
Vannucci is hopeful rock music can re-establish itself as a mainstream force. “Everything is cyclical,” he says. “I really hope there is a resurgence.”
The band’s 2013 compilation Direct Hits (752,492 sales) remains ingrained in the albums chart, due in no small part to their cross-generational anthem Mr Brightside (3,212,710 sales!), incredibly still a fixture of the Top 100 almost 17 years after it was first released.
“The strength and depth of their hits over more than a decade clearly keeps winning over new audiences week in and week out,” observes EMI’s Cawley. “Stick it on, I’d be amazed if you skip any of those tracks and also if you manage to resist the urge to crack open an ice cold cider or foamy lager of choice to enjoy it with.”
With the globe in such a state of flux, questions about the future can seem misguided, but Flowers’ ambition is undimmed.
“We were just about to go on our biggest tour that we’ve ever gone on. I was really looking forward to that and I’m still looking forward to that,” he says. “But I just want to evolve and keep getting better. I have started to notice that songs are coming easier as I get older and as I write more and exercise these muscles that I’ve developed over the years. So I’m really looking forward to the next decade and it’s something that I’m definitely on top of.”
“I just trust that we’ll make better and better records,” offers Vannucci. “That is our objective right now – trying to do good with what we’re given.”
Sommer’s thoughts are naturally fixed on the live arena. “We have multiple global options held but refrained from putting anything further on sale to preserve the cash flow of our fans and ultimately be mindful of everyone’s health and safety,” he says. “Once we have more visibility and a better handle on timing we will be ready to go. The guys thrive in the live setting and I know they can’t wait to get back out there and perform some of these great new songs.”
“Every tour cycle has been more successful than the last,” finishes Reynolds, who already has one eye on LP number seven. “Nobody is ready to rest on any laurels,” he insists. “I can’t drop any names, but let me just say that one of the top three Killers songs ever written is on the next album. It’s the best of early Killers while staying fresh and reflecting their development as a band. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”
EMI is bidding to keep both the band and Imploding The Mirage at the forefront of people’s minds through the end of the year, with a view to a second promotional push around the rescheduled stadium dates.
“There’s plenty of quality in there,” sums up Cawley. “It all feels very much like they are cementing themselves even deeper in the history books of greatness.”
Maybe 2020 will still be their year after all...

The Brightside of life: The Killers reflect on Glastonbury 2019

How The Killers defied the odds to conquer Glastonbury 2019...
It was one of the greatest nights of their careers, but The Killers’ second time around headlining Glastonbury was not always a surefire home run.
The band came into last year’s festival cold and off-cycle, with no new music to promote, having wrapped up their Wonderful Wonderful tour the previous autumn. But the chance to right the wrongs of their Pyramid Stage headline debut 12 years earlier was too good to turn down.
“I don’t recall exactly when it became a real possibility, but I had been gently petting at the potential opportunity for many months knowing the [50th] anniversary year would be forthcoming and we already had our own pure outdoor headline plan for 2020,” reveals WME’s Kirk Sommer. “I knew if given the opportunity it was something we could not refuse, it was one of the biggest and most credible televised music events in the world to spring-load the next album tour campaign with. There was a little healthy discourse around it given the unique timing but they ultimately said, ‘Let’s do it’.”
Brandon Flowers admits he took some persuading to get on board. “My first thought when we were asked was to say no,” he admits. “We were in the middle of downtime and it was a little nerve wracking to be thrown into it like that. But our people rallied behind the idea and them having that faith helped us and it ended up being a great experience.”
“We’re always doubting ourselves,” says Ronnie Vannucci. “We always want to be delivering something new and fresh and we were worried that, having been [in the UK] such a short time before Glastonbury, we were a little at risk of overstaying our welcome.”
The night was an unequivocal triumph, propelling Direct Hits 66-5 in the charts in the wake of the performance, with an immense 323.4% week-on-week sales increase. Ironically, after their 2007 bow was marred by sound issues, the 2019 gig was reportedly the loudest in the event’s history.
Both band members consider the show, which saw them joined by childhood idols Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr for the climactic encore, an all-time live highlight.
“I really believe it’s No.1,” grins Flowers. “Not to downplay any other experience along the way, but it’s such an iconic gig. I equate it with something like the Wimbledon final or the Super Bowl and I was so happy with the outcome. The crowd were great and we were a well-oiled machine. We were able to celebrate our career and pay a nod to a couple of our heroes and inspirations. Talk about the stars aligning, they did for us that night.”
An excerpt from Fran Healy's interview in the same issue:
I came to co-write The Killers single Here With Me with Brandon Flowers because…
“We hit it off many, many years ago. He’s amazing. He came to a show that we played with Oasis in Las Vegas and it was a very memorable show for him. All his band members were there, independently of him, before they were in The Killers. I did a solo record in 2010 and I asked Brandon if I could support him on his solo tour, just over in America, so I travelled about and slept in a bunk on his tour bus for a few days. One night, I came in at the back of the bus and went, ‘Oh shit, I’m sorry, man’. He was like, ‘No, come in. I’m writing this song’. He played the melody and I was like, ‘Can I make a suggestion?’ And then we wrote it together. I basically barged into his songwriting session and elbowed my way in.”
Music Week
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2020.08.20 01:49 SimpKingpin BEN WHITE delusional leeds fans talking points

Posted this elsewhere. May as well post it here.
The smart and reasonable Leeds fans tend to keep quiet because of the mob. But some have shown up on reddit.
The deluded fans are in an echo chamber and repeat the same script over and over again. It's like five talking points or more or something, and goes like this:
1. Brighton fans carted him off to Leeds! (Noel Whelan quote, who has even been denounced by some Leeds fans anyway). Noel Whelan knows exactly how important the loan system is for developing young players, he just wants to remain relevant. Our own Jason Molumby knows what loans are for. All our young lads want to get game time until they are good enough. Leeds fans have no idea how a loan system works. They'll be loaning players out this season. Wonder if they expect them to come back? Ben White's progress was actually perfect. Newport (L2) -> Peterborough (L1) -> Leeds (C). DEBUNKED!
2. Brighton fans didn't know who he was until he did well at Leeds! We are kept up to date by the club on our youngsters. They didn't think he was worthy of licking Pontus Jansson's feet. Until the first game against Bristol City and then they started to realise his talent. I was excited at the time and read some of their tweets. DE-bloomin-BUNKED!
3. Bielsa made him! No, 22yrs of grinding made him. 2 years at Southampton and 6 years at Brighton made him. Did he get game time? Yes. Did he improve? I've no doubt. Did he help Leeds win promotion and title? Absolutely. He played every minute or every game. Was it a mutually beneficial arrangement? Yes. Great loan, per the loan system. Also this: Debunked ZZZzzzzzzz
4. He'd rather play for Bielsa than Harry Potter! He'd be fine with either I think. Only issue is Bielsa's future. No way he'll be there beyond a year based on his history. Hasn't even signed a contract. Klopp and Pep and many other managers have lauded Potter. And of course Potter took Östersund from the 4th Tier of Swedish football to the Top Tier and into Europe where they defeated Galatasary and beat Arsenal at the Emirates 2:1. Leeds fans have literally no idea how well run our club is and why we chose Potter. Wow this is getting boring. Debunked.
5. He wants to join Leeds. Irrelevant and there are no indicators of this. There is no doubt in my mind he had an absolutely unforgettable experience.He thoroughly enjoyed and got his first taste of celebrity. Was part of a successful team, made friends etc. I would never deny these things because I'm not deluded. These moments happen to successful people in life, and they move on, or back to their parent club in this case. Remaining popular with Leeds fans is important. There's a lot of them. They raise your social media following and popularity and therefore your marketability and what you can do for the club. Here's what Liverpool's young Brewster said after returning to Anfield from Wales earlier this month: “I have loved every moment of it, I love the club, I love the fans, I love the staff, I love everybody here. I don’t know what is going to happen next year but if I don’t come back Swansea will always be in my heart. I’ll be Swansea forever and I will always keep tabs on them no matter what." irrelevant and deeeeeeeebloodybunked
6. He should force a move, put in a transfer request, refuse to play. And ruin his career just as it's getting started? He has no leverage. He's not on Neymar's wages or contract. He's contracted for 2 more years and an option for Brighton to take a 3rd (Potter said he's on a long contract). If he sat out in the U23s his wages wouldn't have an impact on the club. Why would we strengthen Leeds both literally and psychologically? They so desperately need him. I'd rather keep Leeds below us. Being in the Premier League is worth more than any offer they are likely to make. d d d d d d debunked
7. They are playing hardball, they have put an outrageous price on his head of $30m, $40m, $55m. Nope haven't placed a price on his head. Don't want to sell him. diddlybunked as Flanders would say
Oh I should mention that the media is having a field day with bullshit clickbait articles, mostly telling Leeds fans what they want to hear. It's easy traffic (and therefore revenue). The only source I'm close to trusting is Andy Naylor. But even then, all sorts of crazy things happen during contract negotiations. That's just the way it is and has always been.
I can't think of the other talking points. Let me know. I'd been meaning to make this list for a while. It's cathartic.
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2020.08.19 04:05 LouisHoare I need some advice

I’m a 20 year old gay guy and a long time listener of channels like slash and thought this might be the best place to get some advice.
So I recently moved to Swansea for a new job, which is in the UK for anyone reading abroad. Having been single for the last two years I decided to get back on Grindr and Tinder.
After a couple of weeks of the typical Grindr bullshit I met a guy and we clicked really well. He’s based a few cities over so isn’t exactly local but within a day of chatting we agreed a date to meet-up.
He didn’t have any money to travel so I paid for his ticket to travel down to me (which he paid back later). After meeting on the first day things went really well and he stayed down for a few days.
That takes us to where we are now. He left about three weeks ago and we’ve been chatting semi-regularly since. He’s told me he’s interested and wants us to be exclusive but doesn’t seem interested in talking too much.
I was telling a friend about it earlier in the evening who thought he was having me on and keeping me sidelined incase his other options failed. I didn’t really think this was the case but he suggested that he messages his on Instagram to see if he’d stay loyal.
So my friend found him and hit him up. After a couple of questions my friend asked him if he was single and he said he was, after a bit of chatting my friend managed to agree with him that they’d go on a date together.
Now I know it’s early days here, literally only about a month and I don’t know whether I’m being insecure as I’ve been cheated on before or whether I’m wasting my time with this guy.
What do I do here? I really like this guy and he’s told me he’s interested and wants us exclusive but then doesn’t behave like it.
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2020.08.14 18:15 lottierosecreations Faulty goods purchased at technology fair, cannot get hold of sellers?

I apologise for any formatting issues (on mobile).
My husband and I attended the Premier Computer Fair in Swansea Marriott Hotel on 10th November 2019; during our visit, we purchased 2 laptops, a television and a lamp totalling just over £1000.
Since then, we have had several issues with the products that we bought: - Our main concern is the TV that we purchased from the trader "Laptop Alley". It was marked as brand new with a 1 year warranty (we have a receipt with this marked on it). For the past few months we have had intermittent issues with the entire unit freezing (to the point where it has to be unplugged from mains), "blipping" on the visual and audio (like the stream is going super slow - I have 40-odd MB broadband and TV is connected via ethernet so it shouldn't be affected as nothing else is) and input lag when using the remote. We have tried updating the software and firmware of the TV, but it says there have been no new updates since December 2018 and that our system is up to date, which seems very odd given the release of new streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, NowTV, etc.
Our issue is that we can't get hold of any of the traders, or the fair organisers. Now we are in a position of having 2 faulty goods from this fair, and it's not fair that we cannot get in touch with anyone to help us. I have called, emailed and reached out on social media, to no avail.
I am tempted to go to Resolver (because I can't get hold of anyone), but wondered if anyone here might have any advice or ideas before I did that?
Many thanks in advance 🙂
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2020.07.30 14:26 petethepool Long Form: A first team squad breakdown for this season and next (20 min read)

First team squad breakdown for this season and next
As we’re entering into the dreaded transfer-rumour overdrive period now, in the thankfully shorter than usual break between seasons, I was able to procrastinate from actual work long enough to put together a reasonably in-depth breakdown of the title-winning squad, as registered at the start of the 19/20 season, and reflect on where that leaves the team going into next season, both with regards to transfers and home-grown quotas, and also returning loan players. This will be long, but hopefully many of us will have a clearer appreciation for where the club currently is, and the context around any transfer decisions that may or may not be made as a result. The one area this post will not focus on is finances, as I have no idea what the club’s specific financial situation is, other than to say its obviously not removed from the wider financial context of the world at present.

Home-grown and international player aquistion
Home-grown quotas in short mean 8 players out of the 25-man registered PL squad must have played at least 3 years of football in England or Wales after they turned 16 and before the age of 21. It doesn’t have much to do with nationality – it is just about gaining that experience in the English football system during these years. So, for example, if Liverpool loaned Harvey Elliot out to a German club until he was 22, he wouldn’t be considered home-grown when he returned as he would not have met the criteria for 3 full years of football in England during these formative years. That isn’t going to occur, of course, but it’s just to give an example of how the rule works. Eric Dier at Tottenham, despite playing for England, spent these formative years playing and training in Portugal, so isn’t technically home-grown, despite his nationality.
All players under the age of 21 can be home-grown, but don’t as far as I know count towards the 8 home-grown players required in the quota, as these players are considered youth players. A club can register all the youth players they want for the league without concern. Trent, last season, was still a youth player, so wasn’t registered in the 25-man squad as either a senior player or a home-grown player at the start of the season. Same with Jones, Elliot and Williams. Unlike the latter youth players however, Trent is now 21 and will be a registered senior home-grown player from next season.
There is some suggestion that the home-grown rule could be extended up to 12 players in each PL squad, but that hasn’t been fully decided yet. As with most things post-Brexit and mid-covid, the rules tend to come from a bunch of old, over-indulged white men pulling things out of their arse at the last minute with no real concern for the consequences, and so it could be some time before we see a genuine structure in place, or response to EU player concerns, set in stone.
The only reason to bring up the prospect of rule changes is that clubs are aware already that it is a case of when not if the current rules change, and with the home-grown rule inevitably being a significant point of focus, this could well increase the premium that already exists when purchasing English players, and so it wouldn’t be surprising if throughout the league this summer we see a renewed focus on top clubs hoovering up the best English or otherwise young home-grown talent, or as City have done well in recent years, picking up a few older English squad players happy to sit on the bench and collect a high wage to pad out the squad on account of little more than their home-grown status.
That being said, for this season coming, in essence, Liverpool will have 17 squad spaces that can be filled by ‘senior’ players from all nationalities, and 8 ‘seniors’ that are required to be home-grown.
One final note is that young players from countries outside the EU are unlikely to be given work permits going forward, so it’s not quite as simple as bringing in a bunch of young international talents now and nurturing them for 3+ years to make them home grown. As the rules state: “The system has recently been tightened and now only non-EEA players who are internationally established at the highest level, and whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport at the highest level, are allowed to play in the UK. One of the reasons for the rule change was that only 58% of football players who were given work visas played any top-flight football in their second season.”
In other words, young players outside the EU, and indeed any international player Liverpool want to sign will likely have to be established already in the senior squad of their nation before they can sign for a club in the PL. Or at least, before they can expect a work permit to play. And, depending on how the rules change as England leaves the EU, this summer or next could be the last that English clubs are able to pick up teenage talent from within the EU too, without fresh restrictions, so again, as the focus may be presently on acquiring home-grown players in anticipation of rules changing, English clubs might well focus on the purchasing of youth players from the EU too, so that they can potentially meet home-grown status in a few years (Sepp VdB an example of this last year).
Some of this is of course speculation, but its worth highlighting that its not just covid-19 financial forecasts that are disturbing the transfer considerations at Liverpool at present; there are a number of uncertainties they will have to navigate, and until there is greater clarity in all areas, it would be naïve to expect a big influx of senior non-home-grown players one way or another. Not least of all, as we will see, due to the size of the squad Liverpool currently have.
Rather, the focus in the next year or two is likely to be on moving on a number of Liverpool's current international squad members that don’t contribute a lot of minutes; solidifying some solid home-grown prospects; if possible identifying a few 17-18 year old talents that they can train up to future home-grown status, alongside the judicious purchase of 2-3 ready-made international players that can keep the crazy high standards at the club up until, hopefully, all these uncertainties clear, and the club can better scout to meet the requirements of the clarified post-Brexit, post-covid football landscape.

Anyway, on to the squad:
So the PL squad as registered for the start of the 19/20 season is below, featuring 23 registered players, ignoring youth players, such as Trent. Stars ‘*’ are next to the players registered as home grown. If I am right, Christie-Davies went out on loan in January, and Trent was then old enough to be registered as home-grown and as a senior player.
Alisson Clyne* Chirivella Firmino
Lonergan* Gomez* Christie-Davies* (went on loan in Jan) Mane
Adrian Van Dijk Henderson * Origi
Lovren Fabinho Salah
Matip Keita Shaqiri
Robertson Lallana* (Minamino latterly)
Home grown only
Lonergan* Clyne* Christie-Davies*
Gomez* Henderson*
Non-home grown
Alisson Van Dijk Chirivella Firmino
Adrian Lovren Fabinho Mane
Matip Keita Origi
Robertson Wijnaldum Salah
(Minamino latterly)
Going into next season, removing those that have left, and those who have been promoted for certain (Trent, basically), the senior squad presently looks like this:
Alisson Trent* Christie-Davies* Firmino
Lonergan* Gomez* Henderson* Mane
Adrian Van Dijk Milner* Origi
Matip Oxlade-Chamberlain* Salah
Robertson Fabinho Shaqiri
Keita Minamino
So, before loan players return, Liverpool have 14 out of 17 international players in the squad, and 7 out of 8 required home-grown players, including Christie-Davies. However, I would be surprised if Christie-Davies was a player happy to be included in the squad next season, as he is not going to get any minutes, and is more likely to be sent back out on loan, or moved on. So, lets say for now they have 6 certain home-grown players. One other swap out that is likely is either Kelleher for Lonergan, which would be one home-grown player for another, or to move Adrian on and promote Kelleher to back-up for Alisson – which would be a risk, but would at least add another home-grown player to the squad.
That means with the current squad at present, Liverpool could sign a maximum of 3 non home-grown players going into next season without having to sell anyone, however, as stated, with the chance that the home-grown quota could increase, it might be a bit of a gamble to bet on these 17 international spaces sticking around. And, as we’ll see below, the returning loanees complicate the issue somewhat.
There is the issue (and potential upsides) of Liverpool’s loan players returning and fitting into the squad.
As far as I can uncover, Liverpool sent 11 players out on loan at the start of last season. Of those likely to return and feature in pre-season, we have:
Marko Grujić (M) – will never be home-grown, however the most senior player in this list, he will want one last pre-season with the club to be given a chance at showing he can make the cut. Of all the non-essential squad players Liverpool are likely to get a good return on investment for though, he is the one – so if they do sell him, it could be a suggestion they’ll look to bring in another midfielder, or at least look to raise funds for transfers in other areas. If they decide to give him a season in the first team, this will likely be instead of bringing in another midfielder.
Ben Woodburn (AM) – still only 20, so wouldn’t even qualify as a home-grown senior squad player yet. Another year out on loan is likely to do him the world of good.
Liam Millar (FW) – Would qualify as home grown, but as with Christie-Davies, is unlikely to want to play 4-5th choice backup to the ever-present front line at Liverpool.
Harry Wilson (FW) – home-grown, can play in a number of positions and if Shaqiri were to move on, would fill his squad space while adding another home-grown player to the mix. Like Grujić though, has quite a decent resale value at present, so is more likely to be moved on to free up funds and a squad place for elsewhere. However, again, due to several uncertainties in the market, it might not be the worst move to keep him and give him cup games and the odd sub appearance to see what he can do, if he were happy to play that role, of course.
Nathaniel Phillips (CB) – Like with Wilson, he could come in as a home-grown player and take Lovren’s minutes, but somewhat like Kelleher, this is quite a gamble for someone without a great deal of experience playing at Liverpool’s level. If Van Dijk were to get injured, that would leave Gomez, Matip and Phillips as the only three CB’s in the squad, which seems a little light for a club in at least three competitions next season. Again though, could be a good stop-gap until the uncertainties around the market clear.
Ovie Ejaria (AM) – Unlikely to stick around, likely to be sold, would at least be home-grown. Another loan, or final sale, is likely to be his outcome.
Rhian Brewster (FW) – has had an excellent half-season for Swansea, but at 20, would still not qualify as senior home-grown, and as he would likely be 3rd choice to lead the line behind Firmino and Minamino, another loan out, ideally to a PL team, or back to Swansea, would be best for him for this year, and very much the likely move.
As a result of these, and other, loanees returning, it would be hugely surprising to see incomings in any senior positions without sales first, partly due to covid and partly due to squad size. The good news in that regard is that Liverpool have at least 10 loan and current squad players they could sell that would free up wages and funds for a few high-quality signings in their place.
To analyse by position and what is likely to happen:
GK: Alisson is obviously no. 1. If Lonergan is happy to technically remain registered as a 3rd choice keeper, despite his age, this would be one way to keep the home-grown player numbers up. If Adrian remains at the club, this is fine, and indeed selling him and replacing him as the only back-up with someone like Kelleher is a gamble I don’t expect Liverpool to make, but they might well do.
Otherwise, moving Adrian into Lonergan’s position as the experienced back-up and integrating Kelleher, and giving them both a few games throughout the season, would allow for home-grown numbers to remain the same without putting too much pressure of Kelleher if Alisson was to get injured again.
Karius is an interesting one, as he playing a couple of seasons in Man City’s academy, but as far as Wikipedia suggests, because he was loaned out to Mainz for a few years, he didn’t spend enough time in England to qualify as home-grown, otherwise there would be at least one good reason to keep him as the main back-up next year. As it is, the expectation is for him to be sold.
DEF: In an ideal world, defence is where Liverpool would look to buy one or two young, preferentially home-grown players that could fit into the wider squad, whether a back-up LB or back-up CB. However, due to prices of English players at present, its unclear if Liverpool will go after the biggest prospects, or look to integrate one or two more solid back-ups from, say, a relegated side. Liverpool have certainly had no issue in finding value in these areas in the past, and more so now, as any player that steps in in this regard would be doing so as an understudy, there would be less risk ultimately if the signing doesn’t work out in the longer run.
Milner can play LB back-up, but it would make more sense to bring in a back-up dedicated LB now, so he can be eased in, while Milner is still at the club to provide extra support, than to rely on a new signing too heavily all at once. All things considered, I would expect at least one home-grown senior or potential home-grown senior to be signed at LB, and one more CB, home-grown or not, but certainly senior, to be added this summer. However, as mentioned, Phillips could take one of those slots if he performs well in the coming pre-season.
MID: The area of greatest contention at present due to a certain player click-hungry journalists have whipped Liverpool fans into a frenzy over, midfield does nevertheless remain one of the most stacked positions in the squad. With Henderson, Keita, Fabinho, Ox and Milner the senior players seemingly guaranteed to be rotated throughout the coming season, and Jones ready to step up into Lallana’s shoes, it does leave Gini’s future as the decision which any number of other midfield decisions will be based on.
Liverpool have good precedence of waiting until they’ve concluded their business before letting their players leave (so as to avoid seeming ‘desperate’), so if as mentioned Grujić is sold, another midfielder might well be brought in before Gini’s future is announced.
Nevertheless, due to Jones looking really like he’s ready, as Klopp said, to step up, and Keita’s finally getting into his groove, I’d be surprised to see more than one player signed in this area of the pitch this summer, without Gini also moving on.
Jones’s age stops him from being a senior home-grown player this year, but he’ll be a home-grown staple for years to come.
FW: There has been no suggestion of the 3 stars leaving, so we can rule that out for now. Liverpool’s substitute forward line is an area that has some value, in terms of player sales, and is the area most likely to be utilised in this regard to free up wages and squad spaces for new signings. Shaqiri is likely to move on, and certainly Origi might decide now is the time for him to become a first-team regular elsewhere, and his value for Liverpool is not likely to increase much more going forward, unless he signs a new contract at a later date.
If those two players were to leave, two home-grown players that might be happy to play rotation roles would be Brewster and Wilson, however with Brewster, it could well hamper his development, as with Minamino, Klopp seems to have his preferred back-up false 9 in place.
Wilson, if both Origi and Shaq were sold, would likely get promise of enough minutes to tempt him, and again could be a good stop gap for this coming season. If he is sold, though, as well as Shaq, that would suggest that Liverpool have another option lined up – or that Elliot is likely to feature much more next season. Certainly, at present, there are no home-grown attackers in the squad, and while Brewster could well step in a year or two from now, there is not much space for any other attacking signings in the current squad without moving someone else on, be it returning loanees or current rotation players.
Loans included
So, presently, here is the potential senior squad for pre-season as it stands, with the players mentioned on loan returned also, the 'youth' players expected to be meaningfully involved, and below that, with potential sales / transfers in, how it could shape up by the start of next season.
Alisson Trent* Christie-Davies* Firmino
Lonergan* Gomez* Henderson* Mane
Adrian Van Dijk Milner* Origi
Kelleher* Matip Oxlade-Chamberlain* Salah
Karius Robertson Fabinho Shaqiri
Phillips* Keita Minamino
Wijnaldum Wilson*
Grujić Millar*
Ejaria* Brewster (youth)
Williams (youth) Jones (youth) Elliot (youth)
That leaves Liverpool with at least 16 senior internationals, 12 home grown players, and four youth players, at least 3 of which are likely to feature heavily in the squad next season. So, right out of the bat, 3 players would need to be removed from the list to fit the senior 25-man limit. Karius, Millar, Christie-Davies and Ejaria are the four that stand out as obvious to remove, but as you can see, already that places strain on the squad size, as removing those 4 still leaves the squad at 24 players, without a great deal of space for further signings, and as we can expect Williams, Jones and Elliot to be further integrated next season, in real terms, that is less squad space for new signings again.
But, as stated, quite a few of those home-grown are likely to be loaned out for minutes, or sold-on to free up funds for other squad members. Same with a few of the current non-home-grown players like Karius and Shaqiri. One clear area that needs back-up is in defence, but otherwise that squad as is could be expected to be deep enough to challenge in all competitions next season.
Going by what we’ve learned so far about Liverpool’s intentions, I would expect the senior squad registered for next season to look closer to this however:
Alisson Trent* Henderson* Firmino
Adrian Gomez* Milner* Mane
Kelleher* Van Dijk Oxlade-Chamberlain* Origi or replacement
Matip Fabinho Salah
Robertson Keita Minamino
Senior CB or Phillips* Grujić, Wijnaldum or new midfielder Wilson*
Williams (youth) Jones (youth) Elliot (youth)
Now, that is only 22 senior players, 8 of which at a maximum would be home-grown, so obviously firstly, that is a smaller squad, and secondly, its light on home-grown players going forward.
Milner is likely at his last year as a player, and if so, Jones can take his place next year as a home-grown senior, however Liverpool may, as mentioned, prioritise either signing a number of decent home-grown prospects going forward, or look to ensure promotion from within, for the next few years, so they don’t struggle to meet these quotas each registration period in the new post-Brexit era.
Regardless, that squad still allows space for several non-home-grown internationals to be transferred in, but it does show how many players Liverpool currently own that would have to be moved on first, to allow for a comfortable fit; to avoid disrupting the squad or having a bunch of disgruntled players on the fringes not getting minutes. Jones as mentioned will also play in midfield, Williams is likely to deputise for Trent, and Elliot will get more opportunities at LW and RW too, so that is technically 3 more first team players to bring that listed squad up to 25 players in actual size.
In Conclusion (TL:DR):
Liverpool are likely to prioritise senior home-grown players, or young talents who can train at the club or go out on loan in England, with the capacity to become senior home-grown, in the coming few transfer windows, to ensure they don’t struggle to meet the current or changing post-Brexit home-grown quotas, whatever they will be. The likelihood is that English player prices will only increase going forward, so it may make more sense to do this now than wait until the need is more pronounced in 2-3 years.
That being said, there around 4-5 youth players who are expected to step up and remain in the squad going forward (Sepp VdB, Williams, Jones, Elliot and Brewster) who, alongside Trent and Ox, could be staple home-grown squad players for years, easing the pressure in that regard somewhat.
More pressingly, Liverpool’s current squad size with all loan players returning is somewhat over-stuffed, with more than 28 players vying for a 25-man squad before new signings are made. 16 out of the maximum 17 senior international (non-home-grown) squad positions are already taken up.
Despite this, the club is still light in defence. So they would likely need to sell at least 5-6 senior international players – either those returning from loan or those that didn’t get a lot of minutes last season, or both – before they could aim to invest too heavily this window in anyone, home-grown or non-home-grown internationals alike.
Otherwise, a short-term fix for several of these issues would be to integrate a number of returning loan players into the wider squad, such as Kelleher, Phillips and Wilson, until the post-covid, post-Brexit muddy waters clear.
At least two defensive signings, or internal promotions, would be expected, but anything beyond that would likely, as mentioned, require quite a few senior squad sales, or other players to be sent out on loan, to maintain reasonable squad balance and satisfaction.
Players like Grujić, Wilson, Phillips, Karius, Shaqiri, Ejaria, Millar, and potentially Origi (only mentioning those near the first team squad as is) might all have to move on this summer before replacements can be brought in. And as other clubs will try to low-ball every offer in this direction, it could be a frustrating summer for not just us fans, but the clubs seeking to raise funds, and the players seeking playing time too.
Thanks for reading!
And that is that! I hope this has given anyone who got the whole way though the post a clearer sense of where Liverpool are, the considerations they will be taking into place, and, importantly, a better sense of expectation for the coming season in terms of likely transfers.
My only advice for the next few weeks would be to not get too carried away with rumours, as in all likelihood its bored people trolling for clicks, and nothing more substantial than that.
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2020.07.30 00:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Brentford bid farewell to Griffin Park and book date at Wembley with impressive play-off win over Swansea The Independent

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2020.07.29 23:32 AutoNewsAdmin [Sports] - Brentford bid farewell to Griffin Park and book date at Wembley with impressive play-off win over Swansea

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