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Does freshly roasted coffee extract less than older coffee?

2020.07.05 12:38 jlin510 Does freshly roasted coffee extract less than older coffee?

I started using a v60 a couple months ago and after some practice, I was getting some tasty cups. I'm using a 1Zpresso Zpro grinder and buy beans from a local roaster. I've been using Hoffman's iced filter coffee recipe and aim for a 2:30 to 3 min brew time.
I finally ran out of beans so I went to go buy some more of the same ones I had(1 bag of Ethopian natural and 1 bag of Ethopian washed). The beans were roasted about 5 days ago. When I tried to brew them using the same grind setting I used before(3.3 on a scale of 0 to 5.5), the brew time ended up being way shorter than before, about 1:50 or so. It tasted super sour and was lacking flavor. I've been playing around with the grind settings the last couple days but I still can't make as good of a cup as I was making before using beans that were a couple weeks old. I tried grinding finer, but even grinding espresso fine(2.0 on my grinder), I was getting similar brew times and it tasted better than at 3.3 but still tasted under extracted. For reference, the manual that came with my grinder says 1.5 to 2.5 for espresso and 3.5 to 4.5 for pour over.
After waiting a couple days and using the same grind setting as before, the brew time did increase by a few seconds and it did taste better. So I'm wondering if there's some correlation between roast date and brew time/extraction.
I’m using 17g coffee, 100g ice, 150g water
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2019.01.20 17:22 intp_trekvoyager Confession ex muslim on. Feminist /Women march weekend . sister u can do it . Mental health and physical health priority ?

It took me 10 yrs to be strong enough to deprogram. all that indoctration of islamic ideas shoved down my throat as kid is painful. To be abused , and beaten on regular basis for not puting on hijab or not fasting .
As intp female , it felt ridiculous to follow a Quran book that was century old. It felt that i was living with a family that hate science and progress. painful as teenager to feel , family hates me growing as a person with independent thought.
I am 33 yr old female Ethiopian descent . I have been a lurker for a long time in reddit.
Back story. Born in a religious hijabi extermist ethopian family.
I knew by 13yrs when hit puberty and i want out .
Suicudal thoughts ,I wanted to die. I felt i could not breath. Family threatened on honor killing if i crossed the line.
felt my family was holding the leash to tight.
Getting groomed for marriage to an older guy from my country .
They broke my young mind with their hatred for the world and society in general.
They didnt believe in evolution or science .
I left home at 18 yrs old when i was strong enough to take care of myself. Family said my way or high way.
I took high way. Young ,homeless female exmuslim I had to survive and grow in my intp exploration .
I was free to date and partake 420 It is legal now in canada.
I love watching. Utube and scifi movies star trek and expanse. Godless bitches/Atheistic experience/ Secular jihadist and polite convesation and liberal news media.
I am growing as a person I am doing wat i love working in long term care.
Nursing aide to wash and take care of old people.75-100yrs .
I am happy and seeing old people chiiling .
make me think about myself when i am 85 yrs old?
Will i be happy? Have i accomplish things that make my heart sing ?
I dont want to die without accomplishing my bucket list . Buy a electric car ,hiking ,yoga,music ,
Yep thought should share
Hopefully another ex muslim gal , can leave home and survive at 18 yrs old
If u are ready to get out . do it for ur mental health and physical health. Be proud sister .
Women march jan19 2019
So many young women are murdered for being themselves.
Check out u tube
Banaz Honor killing Runaway princes of Dubai Pakistani kim kardasian. Qadeel balooch
Epic documemtary why money doesnt buy happiness. Namaste 🙋
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2019.01.05 03:03 Sasa-Throwaway AITA for throwing a drink in my racist aunt’s face?

Alright so quick story here - I’m French-Canadian, my boyfriend is Ethopian. Most of my family doesn’t really give two shits about his race, so they don’t comment about it at all. When I say most, I mean my jackass, “I’m not racist but....” aunt is the only one who gives me shit for dating him. In the past she jokingly said I should “stuff cotton down there” as a means of birth control because “he’s black and wouldn’t want to pick that shit to get there”. My family barely tolerates her, my uncle and cousins seem humiliated whenever she opens her mouth.
ANYWAYS, family New Year’s party. Everyone’s having fun, I brought my boyfriend along because, well, he gets along very well with my cousins and dad. Then my bitchy aunt pulled me aside and told me “How dare you bring that monkey into your grandmother’s house? I hope you never bring any of your ovaltine-looking children to ANY of our parties when he inevitably leaves you and you gain thirty pounds.”
Needless to say, the appletini I was drinking ended up right in her face and I left with my boyfriend right away and got drunk at his sister’s house instead. Two days later my mother texted me asking what the hell was I thinking, causing drama at the family party? She demanded an apology to my aunt for my “drama queen behavior” despite the fact that I explained what happened to my mom right before i left the party. Am I really the asshole here?
Tl;dr - Racist aunt makes gross comments about me dating my boyfriend, she gets my drink in her face. Mom is PISSED.
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2018.10.29 09:43 freezeframe7 "Tried to trigger non-existant event" error on start up

Hello. I've been attempting to make a custom mod without any of the original tags of vanilla with the start date set in 2016. Every time I have attempted to start a game, I get an error that states
"*Tried to trigger non-existant event: news.193"
While I'm not entirely sure, I think this may have something to do with me keeping the vanilla italy file in my mod to prevent the 2nd ethopian war from showing up on the "wars" tab. I've tried to blank the "NewsEvents" file and it hasn't helped. If anyone has a solution I thank you in advance.
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2016.03.04 17:44 tabledresser [Table] I'm an American who successfully immigrated to Canada, AMA!

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Questions Answers
You said is expensive... roughly how much do you think it cost in terms of hours of paperwork and US$ for filing and such. A work permit (temporary, usually around 1-2 years) costs roughly $150 CAD.
In order to complete the permanent residence paperwork you have to pay two fees. The first when you apply is roughly $500 CAD, and then when you become a PR you pay one more ~$500 CAD fee.
You'll also have to pay for a few other smallish things, such as a medical exam, getting your fingerprints done and the cost of getting a background check with the FBI, plus any shipping costs in regards to mailing your paperwork. If you are outside of Canada during your time of application you'll also need to pay travel costs to one of the offices (such as the one in Buffalo, NY) to do your interview. I lived in Canada on a work permit during mine so I could simply go to the office in Vancouver.
I would expect overall costs to be ~$1500-$2000 CAD, but they are split out over a longish period of time.
If you're doing a skilled worker application, you also need to prove you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada. As of right now for an individual the amount appears to be $11,824 CAD. This is of course a large barrier of entry to some! I wasn't required to have this as a family-class applicant.
The actual hours to fill it all out, I mean you could probably get it all done in like...8 hours of research and paper filling out, maybe a bit more. They've made it a bit easier by making everything easier to access and understand online now.
How much harder would it be for some one like me. I have no Canadian spouse. I do have a BA, a steady resume in Sales Account Management, and no criminal history. I don't think Sales Account Management is one of the NAFTA professions, so if you were to go the work permit route, you would want to find a job FIRST, and then send it to the government to get LMIA (labour market impact assessment). Once that is approved you can start to work for the company and you can live in Canada for the length of the permit. This is a good way to get your foot in the door, because work permits can be extended, you can apply for PR while you're here (easier) and you get to start using the universal health care under the work permit.
Where do you start?? You might be able to start with work permits, or you could go with the Skilled Worker permanent residence.
So why would a company hire some one who does not even have approval to work in the country? Or is it simple to get a work visa once you have a job offer, then start applying for citizenship? This is the hard part. You have to find a company that's willing to play ball with the whole work permit process, which takes some selling on your part.
I don't know how people do it who don't have the advantage of the NAFTA type of permit. With those, you get a job offer, go to the border, and a border official will fill out the paperwork and give you the permit.
The types that require a "labour market impact assessment" take longer, and you have to find a workplace that is willing to wait for that to go through, which requires negotiation. Something like working remotely from the USA as a contractor until it goes through.
Once you get the permit you at least get to live in Canada, which gets you started and makes it easier to apply for permanent residence.
What was the cost? Overall the cost was probably $1500-$2000 once it was all said and done, counting fees for the various work permits I got, the actual PR fees, getting fingerprints and sending off for documents, mailing stuff, ect etc.
Are you covered by Canadian health insurance or do you have to carry your own. Yes, if you are a temporary worker, temporary student, or permanent resident you get Canadian healthcare.
Do you know about immigrating without being sponsored? This is called "skilled worker" and they use a points system that is based on your level of education, proficiency in the language, age, work experience, etc. I had enough points to get in with this method, but it takes longer and has more paperwork than sponsorship.
Can you detail the skilled worker option? Its a lot of forms. They ask you to be able to have enough cash to support yourself (currently somewhere around $11,000 CAD), they give you points based on your education, etc like I mentioned above, and it can take 2-4 years to process so it takes patience. I actually made it most of the way through this one and was on my way to getting it approved when I stupidly decided to leave for a job in Seattle for a few months and let it lapse.
You say it's expensive, but can you give us an idea of cost? If you mean lawyers, I was getting quotes for $10,000, and I had a Japanese friend of mine use one and I'm pretty sure he spent that much if not more on one.
Which city did you move from and where do you live now? Which is better? I grew up and lived in the St. Louis, MO area and bounced around middle Illinois until I decide to move in my mid-20s. I'm in Vancouver, BC now. Its GOREGOUS here, and the air is definitely cleaner.
St. Louis also definitely has a worse crime problem, so I feel safer here, especially as a short lady-person. The outdoor activities are much better and there is a lot of pretty landscape to look at.
I'll never buy a house here, its way too expensive - its not a very easy city to make friends in - the BBQ and mexican food here sucks - wages kind of suck for the cost of living, but we do ok. I switched to a programming career and that helped - lots of hipsters.
Beautiful - fun outdoor activities - decent tech jobs and there is a video game/film industry here which is good for my husband - west coast attitude in working culture - lots of diversity - awesome sushi.
We are likely to move on from this city to somewhere cheaper when its time to buy a house, but we're going to stay in BC if we can.
Congratulations on becoming Canadian! Cheers! And also congratulations for migrating too the most expensive place in Canada. Lol seriously though. How expensive things are basically go's highest to lowest from the west coast too the east coast :P.. But I bet its beautiful! Amazing country, eh? ;) I love it! Canada is great, people here are great. Vancouver is definitely expensive, but I've had a lot of experiences here I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else in Canada, so I'm glad we are here. I think its quite a lot like living in any large city, you live in a small apartment and use transit a lot.
When I read you lived in Van I thought "ouch, your wallet probably takes a hit". For Americans, housing in Vancouver is supper expensive. You better believe it. My sister bought a house in the St. Louis area for $83,000 and I about cried.
La taqueria (I cant spell) makes a pretty decent taco. Yeah but what I really want is the huge plate of goop that you get at a sit down mexican place.
How much is renting in Van? When I visited last summer, house prices were in the millions, but I had a friend rent a small studio for $400/month, but she's a student so that might make a difference. Its lots. You can get cheaper stuff out in the suburbs, I had an hour commute and we found a fairly ok 1BR for $950/month. Downtown you're looking at upwards of $1500+ for shitty 1BR places. You can find some studios for that cheap, or crappy basements, but if you want a nicer place, you're going to pay like $2000.
The housing is considered a crisis here, and people are very unhappy about it. All you have to do is visit /vancouver on any day of the week to see how they feel about housing/rentals here.
I personally think it sucks but whatever. We like it here for now, but will eventually try and find a place, possibly on Vancouver Island that is more affordable. For now though we like the area and I like my job, so meh.
Apparently Vancouver is in the same trouble as Portland. Your description and even housing/rental rates are identical to whats going on here. A lot of people do that, including our lead dev (he works from home 1 day a week).
Have you considered getting a telecommute (semi or full) software job, buying a house in the burbs, and possibly just doing the commute once or twice a week? Thats a popular option here at least. We're not really sure if we even want to buy a house yet. Right now it looks like investing the down payment is more worthwhile to us than anything.
Are there any foods that people eat in Canada that they don't eat in the States? I know poutine and maple syrup are the stereotypical answers, but are there others? They have different candies here, like how smarties are chocolate instead of chalk, and they have a type of chips called "all-dressed" that are pretty great.
I don't know about the whole USA, but we didn't have Donair in St. Louis, so that was new to me. There are also a lot more international options like Ethopian and Dim Sum that we didn't have available where I grew up.
For me its mostly hard to find certain things that aren't eaten here, like cornbread and frozen ravioli (that I can make toasted ravioli out of!).
They also put vinegar on their french fries, which is good as hell.
Wait people in the states don't ever put vinegar on fries? I never had heard of it until I moved here. Maybe just where I grew up? It was very ketchup-centric.
What are your taxes like? Definitely higher, especially on booze/cigarettes. Here's an example. My mom buys this california wine for about $8.00 and its fairly decent, I forget the name but some kind of red. That exact same wine is about $25.00 here.
I don't mind, though. It pays for the healthcare, which has very few out of pocket costs, and Rx are way cheaper too.
But how much does comparable Canadian wine cost? I've really never seen wine cheaper than $10 here, and that stuff is CRAP.
Are there any cultural differences that is out of the ordinary? What about food. I didn't have too much culture shock, except for being surprised at how much Canadians curse, especially 'fuck'. You'll just be walking down the street and hear little ol' granny talking about the fuckin weather.
The food is good but very asian and fish-oriented in Vancouver. Lots and lots of different choices here, and plenty of American food.
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2015.07.19 09:46 uptightSeattleMonk Date suggestion - with nice sunset/water view and serving chicken . Indian / Thai/ Shusi / Ethopian and similar

I plan to take my grilfriend out on a nice date night dinner . The last time I took her to Wasabi and she liked the place .
I would like to have a nice view of sunset/water . Cozy and comfortable.
She really likes Chicken and does not prefer much of sea food or red meat . Cuisine preferences - Indian , Italian, Thai , Sushi , Ethopian and similar tasting .
Cicchetti Seems to really interesting place but is closed on Sundays. i want to go to a place similar to this
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2012.08.22 19:48 Bassjumper0590 really dude? really?

I AM NOT THE ONE SAYING THIS: I saw this on a yahoo post and it was hilarious to me, thought you guys might enjoy it. "The bible makes it CLEAR as to the color of Jesus and of the "original" Jews BEFORE the "Dispora" (not the ? Ashkenazi? European Jews that exist today in Israel and around the world). Jesus was a Middle-Eastern Jewish man with "dark" skin and coarse hair. Adam and Eve (black). Egyptians (black). Ethopians (black). Cleopatra (black) Moses (black) Pharoh (black). 12 disciples (black) 12 tribes of ancient Israel (black). They were not caucasian, not anglosaxon, and not olive skinned, so you justify your thinking and thus your confusion. Jesus is identified in Revelation 1:13-15. (13) "And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle; (14) His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; (15) And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace." Since Jesus body was completed covered, except, for his feet (and his head), what can be blacker than someone who has been burned in a furnace? Understand that the LIE perputated by people (in power) dating back over 1000 years of a white, blue eye Jesus is completely understandable. We are living under the rule of Satan's world, who is the father of the "first" lie and the father of "al"l lies. We live in his world, but we are not OF his world. WHY we are suffering is also very clear? God made it clear in Hosea 4:6 that: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."
TL;DR: some crazy guy takes things literally in a prophecy and this leads him to believe everyone famous from the Bible was black.
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